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Transportes Molinero

Transportes Molinero trusts the control of its fleet to Trimble Transport & Logistics.

The company, which specialises in refrigeration, selects the CarCube onboard computer for its 200 trucks.

Transport company Molinero Logística, headquartered in Ólvega, Soria (Spain), has selected the CarCube system by Trimble Transport & Logistics to be fitted to its fleet of 200 trucks, the majority of which are dedicated to refrigerated transport. The CarCube package fits in easily with the company’s needs and its applications are easy to update remotely in the onboard computer while the vehicles are on the road.

Open structure

"We ended up going for Trimble because it is the one that got closest to 100% of our requirements”.

Javier Jiménez Omeñaca, manager Transportes Molinero

Javier Jiménez Omeñaca, Molinero Logística manager, highlights the features that decided his choice: “during the process lasting several months, we ended up going for CarCube by Trimble Transport & Logistics, because it is the one that got closest to 100% of our requirements.”

Subsequently, “we completed the integration of the CarCube equipment into the ERP system we use. After that we started installing the CarCube units in the entire fleet." The CarCube equipment by Trimble Transport & Logistics is much more than a fleet management system. It stands out due to its usability, its open and modular structure and because it integrates perfectly into the business. CarCube identifies each driver, features navigation, task scheduling and goods logistics services, vehicle-company communication or read-out and storage of digital tachograph data and driving and rest times. Moreover, it manages data obtained via a CANBus connection, which enables fuel consumption, speed, engine efficiency and temperature, use of brakes, etc. to be monitored.
In addition it incorporates an integrated messaging system, which will save the company communication costs but, above all, enables any route change or even load security and storage parameters to be updated from base. And all of this without any need for the driver to stop. CarCube combines onboard computer applications for drivers with its traffic, administration and management staff back-office applications.

About Molinero Logística

Molinero Logística’s services specialise in refrigerated transport and they currently embrace transport from the production plant to the end-stockist, storage services, picking, packaging, etc. It boasts a logistics warehouse with capacity for 26,000 pallets, 150,000 m³ for deep-frozen goods and 3,500 m³ of refrigerated space.

Reference Transportes Molinero

Molinero Logística specialises in refigerated transport. They take care of transport from the production facility to the final distributor, picking, storage, packaging, etc.




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