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Transportes J. Amaral

Transportes J. Amaral in the process of installing Trimble’s fleet management system CarCube. 

The Trimble company has announced today that the Portuguese firm Transportes Joao Amaral (TJA) with headquarters in Estarreja, Aveiro, is currently installing Trimble’s fleet management system CarCube, in order to provide further equipment for their fleet of trucks for long distance travel. The company is specialized in refrigerated storage, general goods and transportation of chemical products and fuels.

Why choose Trimble?

"The decrease in fuel consumption, the reduction of the amount of paper used in our offices and the increase in communication efficiency were the main advantages."

Eduardo Dias, responsible for the IT systems at TJA

According to Eduardo Dias, responsible for the IT systems at TJA, “the drivers got used very quickly and easily to the system; we had no training problems at all. Moreover, Trimble T&L support is particularly professional.” From an overall point of view, Eduardo Dias emphasizes the three advantages of the new system developed by Trimble: “First of all, a decrease in fuel consumption; then the reduction of the amount of paper used in our offices and the increase in communication efficiency.” One of the main characteristics of the CarCube solution is that it is easily integrated in the business IT system of a company, which is an essential feature for Eduardo Dias: “Integration was quick within our working dynamics and our programs, and the best of it is that it is perfectly in tune with the Integrated Management System (IMS). In this way, the new equipment could be coordinated without interrupting or impairing TJA’s services.

During the drivers’ training, TJA underlined the importance of the project. “The drivers have received all the necessary tools to be able to work with the new equipment in the most efficient way”, Dias emphasizes. The open and modular structure of Trimble’s CarCube system has allowed a quick and trouble-free integration within TJA’s systems. Furthermore, CarCube provides the functions of a board computer and of a support office for the drivers. The system allows identification of each driver, provides GPS navigation services, task planning and download of tachometer data, to name but a few functions. Moreover, CarCube is able to manage Canbus data from the engine, such as diesel consumption.

About Transportes Joao Amaral

Transportes Joao Amaral has been carrying out national and international transport since 1947. It currently carries out all sorts of transports, for which purpose it has a fleet of 500 straight trucks and power units with specialisations for the transport of fuel, chemicals, powder, cold storage, canvas trucks, dump trucks and container trucks, amongst others. With an annual turnover of more than 40 million Euros, TJA maintains a continuous improvement and renewal policy which involves the constant search to reduce environmental impact and improve productive processes.

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