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FleetHours gives Trafuco a detailed overview of driving and rest times and payrolldata.

Combination of FleetHours software with CarCube reduces administrative work.

“The FleetHours software has provided a structural solution for the demands and needs of our business,” says Serge De Wolf, Commercial Manager at Trafuco. He is also responsible for IT and led the implementation of the payroll software for the logistical service provider. At Trafuco, FleetHours is linked to the CarCube on-board computers from Trimble Transport & Logistics and the TMS from Go4Logistics.

Automatic payroll and trip reporting

“The FleetHours software has provided a structural solution for the demands and needs of our business.”

Serge De Wolf, Commercial Manager at Trafuco

The FleetHours software for automatic payroll and trip reporting was implemented shortly after the installation of the CarCube on-board computers. The reduction of administrative bother was the most important argument for De Wolf to choose FleetHours. “With a small fleet you can keep up with a lot of things manually, but when you have a hundred and fifty vehicles, the administration is more than just a day’s work. Collecting all the activities, such as driving and rest times, is now done automatically. These data used to be collected manually using the tachograph discs, and the risk of making errors was much higher that way.

Significantly less administration

In addition to automatically retrieving data, the system also organised the data in a previously defined way. Only one person is needed to do this work, explains De Wolf. “For this person, this is part of their job, where this task used to be spread over a number of people. The CarCubes transmit the data about the drivers’ activities to the office, where they are entered into a database. The logic in the FleetHours software checks the data and organizes the data for each driver/vehicle before it presents this to the administration. “The system gives a clear overview this way.

‘Drivers are better off with FleetHours’

The vast majority of the payroll data, over eighty percent, are displayed correctly with the integrated FleetHours processing. De Wolf explains that the remaining work is to validate and check the data. “Because if there’s one place you don’t want to make mistakes, it’s with paying your employees. I actually think that the drivers are better off now than they were before. We now measure every minute worked, which I feel is something that wasn’t always possible on the basis of the tachograph data.

Faster reporting

Because Trafuco’s administration has access to overviews more quickly than before, it can also report to customers about its activities more quickly. “Internally, we can monitor all our activities, including for example where wait-times occurred. We can validate certain activities for customers on a daily basis using the processed data we obtain. This way of working can lead to more accurate invoicing of loading and unloading times.

Fuel module roll-out

The next step that Trafuco is now taking is the installation and implementation of the  fuel module. This will use data from the CarCube, from the actual refuelling times at the depot to the collection of all the fuel cards. “With the fuel module all the data are quickly collected to the right place. We can also generate reports that enable us to make analyses per driver and/or tractor unit, for example about the driving behaviour of the driver and/or the tractor. Our intention is to be able to use these analyses to take measures that lead to an improvement in fuel consumption.

Focusing on exceptions

All in all, De Wolf is very happy with the options that FleetHours gives Trafuco. “The investment was definitely worth it. It is difficult to give a concrete cost recovery time, but we are definitely saving on administration hours and costs. And we can focus on exceptions, such as the small twenty percent of data that need attention.

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A quick and clear overview of your payroll data

Do you also want a detailed overview of driving and rest times and payroll data?

Contact us and discover how to process your data quickly and automatically with CarCube and FleetHours.