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Ploeger Logistics

Ploeger Logistics provides contract logistics and transport for customers within the Benelux. The company provides logistical services such as warehousing, cross docking and value-added logistics for companies that produce raw materials, semi-finished products and packaging materials. Ploeger Logistics implemented the Performance Portal, an innovative analysis tool which allows drivers, driver coordinators and fleet managers to monitor driving behaviour in order to save fuel.

Efficient cooperation with drivers

"This tool helps me to work with our drivers on the improvement of their driving behaviour."

Harm De Boer, driver coordinator at Ploeger Logistics

It answers many questions such as--Did the driver carry out one long trip or several shorter trips that day? How many hours did they work that day? How were they driving based on the parameters that are set by Ploeger?

On the basis of those Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or parameters such as cruise control, roll-out time, braking, acceleration and others most relevant to Ploeger, the company is achieving significant fuel savings.

Working Together to Save Fuel

Drivers, driver coordinators and fleet managers can work more efficiently by using the Performance Portal:

- Drivers are more aware of their impact on fuel consumption and how they can adjust their driving behaviour.
- Driver coordinators are provided with real time, objective data to assess the drivers.
- Fleet managers have a better overall view on the parameters that have an impact on fuel consumption.

"The tool helps me, in view of the daily tasks I carry out, reduce fuel consumption through analyzing my driving behaviour," said Wim Kool, driver at Ploeger Logistics.

How Ploeger Uses the Performance Portal

Every Monday, Harm De Boer, driver coordinator, prints a list showing the driving scores of all individual drivers.
This includes the scores of the past week and a comparison of this score with his or her performance of the previous week or months. No absolute figures, but a score that enables each driver to easily follow their evolution and to compare their performance with colleagues. In addition to global scores, drivers also see their separate scores on the various components. And finally, drivers are given practical tips and recommendations on how to adjust driving behaviour.

Drivers in need of extra guidance meet the driver coordinator.

"This tool helps me to work with our drivers on the improvement of their driving behaviour," said Harm De Boer, driver coordinator at Ploeger Logistics.

All drivers at Ploeger are now more concerned with fuel economy, braking, cruise control, idling and every other aspect that affects their fuel consumption ... and that of the company.

Entrenched Habits are Changing

Before the Performance Portal was implemented, the company only used FMS (Fleet Management System) reports and fuel consumption reports to direct its drivers. Now Ploeger is provided with more data, which can enable an unbiased view of driving behaviour for training and awareness.

Ploeger’s goal is to improve continuously and it is working hard on optimizing its fleet as well as the parameters used for objective driver evaluation. This effort has already resulted in fuel savings of 4 percent.

"The Trimble Performance Portal is a useful tool built for goal-oriented guidance to realize substantial fuel savings," said Ronald Bos, Manager Fleet & Garage at Ploeger Logistics.

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