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Piomar Improves Efficiency with Trimble’s Telematics Solution

Piomar has been providing high-quality transport, shipping and logistics (TSL) services since 1989. Since its beginning, the company has been committed to sustaining its strong market position. In fleet management, Piomar has focused on solutions conducive to growth, giving the company a competitive advantage in the Polish and EU markets—markets that remain highly sensitive to a variety of legal and fiscal changes for the transport industry.

In 2014, Piomar made an inroad into the Polish warehousing market by opening its first warehouse totaling 4,000 sq m of industrial space.

A user-friendly telematics system with many functions

“A telematics solution such as the one offered by Trimble is a must for any transport company, regardless of its size."

Krzysztof Żur, Vice President of Piomar

Trimble’s Telematics Solution Supports Piomar’s Fleet

Piomar began working with Trimble approximately three years ago. Following a thorough review of the available products, Piomar opted for a telematics solution from Trimble and implemented the CarCube on-board computers, which was selected over a number of rival solutions. Today, the Piomar team believes that it would have been impossible to operate efficiently without the support of Trimble’s telematics solution.

    “A telematics solution such as the one offered by Trimble is a must for any transport company, regardless of its size,” said Krzysztof Żur, vice president of Piomar. “For example, it helps us analyse each phase of the transport process to make comprehensive plans on an on-going basis and to provide regional and long-haul transport services.”

    “Trimble’s telematics solution is well-known for its user-friendly features,” said Paweł Wojtysiak, account manager, Trimble Transport & Logistics. "The CarCube’s intuitive menu enables new drivers to quickly use the on-board computer. The back-office software allows operations employees or dispatchers to learn the system quickly as well.”

Daily Benefits: Efficient Communication, Control

Since the on-board computers and applications generate a large amount data every day, efficient in-house communication and control processes are indispensable to be able to analyse data, produce reports and make subsequent decisions. With efficient communication tools from Trimble’s telematics solution at an organization’s disposal, users can also take quick action in the event of any irregularities. In addition to the CarCube on-board computers, Piomar also uses Trimble’s FleetCockpit, FleetWorks, Trailer ID and data archiving solutions.

FleetCockpit enables dispatchers to follow the fleet and provides them with insight into all the information supplied by CarCube on-board computers directly from trucks. This includes real-time location information of vehicles, activities, consignments, drivers’ driving times (both elapsed and still-available), reports on activities and resting times, vehicle performance, trailers hitched up, and etc. With access to real-time information, back-office personnel can instantly respond to unforeseen events and instruct drivers accordingly.

FleetWorks is a convenient web application for fleet management providing real-time insight into relevant information and logistics task performance. It meets reporting requirements and provides information on driving times, fuel consumption, trip distance and tachograph data. Via the on-boardcomputer, Piomar has access to detailed FMS (Fuel Management System) data, enabling fuel and maintenance cost savings. The reports also help motivate drivers to follow fuel saving driving behaviour, which in turn translates into lower damage frequency and increased safety levels.

Trailer ID is a system for the identification of trailers with tractors.

Even More Daily Benefits:  Data Archiving

In addition to efficient communication and control, another important benefit of Trimble’s telematics solution is the ability to generate reports on archived data. For example, crossaudits by tax authorities.

    “It literally takes the push of a button to get a report on historical data,” said Zur.

Flexibility to Meet Changing Needs

    “Trimble’s solutions have helped us improve our planning processes and manage more efficiently our transportation fleet of 100 tractors and 120 semi-trailers,” said Zur. “Trimble’s telematics solutions are flexible and can be extended and tailored to our changing business needs. It can be seamlessly integrated with our other applications such as the InterLAN Speed transportation management system (TMS). Trimble’s telematics solution gives us a sense of reliability and guarantees ease of use.”

Reference Piomar
Number of employees


Vehicle fleet

100 tractors, 120 semi-trailers


FMCG, chemical, medical, automotive

Operating area

Western Europe


InterLAN Speed


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