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Lehnkering Logistics & Services, IMPERIAL Group

Increased sales and service, reduced costs and CO2 emissions. Lehnkering scores two ways with CarCube board computer.

Sustainable enterprise and providing quality are two guiding principles in Lehnkering’s corporate strategy. That is why this top player in logistics for the steel and chemical sectors has equipped its entire fleet with CarCube on-board computers. This implementation has increased Lehnkering’s sales and service, while decreasing costs, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

A complete solution

"In practice, the on-board computer has proved of even broader service to us than we had previously estimated."

Steffen Bauer, managing director of Lehnkering Logistics & Services, part of the IMPERIAL Group

Our starting point in purchasing an on-board computer system was cost reduction,” says Steffen Bauer, managing director of Lehnkering Logistics & Services. Automated processing of both orders and drivers’ hours/expenses was therefore a key requirement during the selection process. CarCube came out as the most appropriate solution. “In practice, the on-board computer has proved of even broader service to us than we had previously estimated,” says Steffen Bauer.

Smooth integration with ERP system

At Lehnkering, the CarCubes are integrated with CargoWare, an ERP system developed in-house. “Even during the tender, Trimble Transport & Logistics seemed to be solution-minded and also proved flexible in the integration with our back-office software,” says Steffen Bauer. “Where necessary, they adapted things in the on-board computer system to make communication with CargoWare run really smoothly.
The planners now send the orders directly from the ERP system to the on-board computers in the lorries. As their trip progresses, drivers add additional order information, such as volumes loaded and unloaded. The FleetWorks back-office software from Trimble Transport & Logistics passes this information to CargoWare, which automatically processes it.

Accurate customer invoicing

Also important during Lehnkering’s liquid bulk shipments is an accurate record of loading and unloading times.
He indicates that CarCube has also helped Lehnkering improve its customer service. “If a driver expects that loading or unloading will take longer than planned, he sends a message to planning via the on-board computer,” he mentions as an example. “For instance, we are able to inform customers proactively about extra costs.

FMS reporting saves fuel and spares the environment

Together with the automated hours/expenses processing that Lehnkering is to roll out in the first quarter of 2011, all these elements ensure a rapid return on investment. “We expect the system to have paid for itself within two years,” concludes Steffen Bauer.


Reference Lehnkering Logistics & Services, IMPERIAL Group
Number of employees

about 2.700

Vehicle fleet

230 trucks


Transport, warehousing and logistics services for the chemicals and steel sectors

Operating area



Integration with CargoWare, an ERP system developed in-house and the FleetWatch hours/expenses module from LogicWay


Better fleet management, lower costs

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