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Lebecuesta takes full advantage of Trimble Transport & Logistics

Efficiency leading the way

Lebecuesta is a transport company based in Asturias, Spain and founded in the mid-80s by the brothers Francisco and Vicente Lebeña Cuesta. Since it began, the company has wanted to stick out from its competition by offering an extra level of quality, like that assured by the ISO 9000 management and the ISO 14000 environmental management certifications.

More efficient driving style

“With CarCube we have detected mechanical faults in movement and we can advise our drivers on appropriate driving practices.”

Francisco Lebeña, Manager of Lebecuesta

But what the Lebeña brothers are really most proud of is the fact that they’ve set up and maintained -since the year 2000- an advanced float management data transmission system, complete with localization and navigation services.

At first we had a float management system from a very well-known brand, but we weren't able to integrate it with our software, with our ERP programs, it just couldn't be done,” Francisco Lebeña, Manager of Lebecuesta explains; “now we work with Trimble Transport & Logistics and one of the reasons that they impressed us at first was that they assured complete integration with our existing software – and they stuck to their word.

More than three years ago, Lebecuesta decided to install Trimble Transport & Logistics' solutions in both its float and offices; “Trimble's systems have allowed us to integrate vehicle and load management into our own systems. The information typed in by our drivers, or automatically generated, doesn't have to be re-entered by us in the office. That's time we can use to grow or think about how to improve our business,” says Francisco.

More than just a location device

“The CarCube on-board computer is much more than just a location device,” Francisco Lebeña points out. “Every driver introduces his/her daily information, which is later downloaded in the office. But the system goes one step further and we can connect our systems to those of our clients. If you know what you want, the system adapts to any load and cost management structure.”
In addition to its identification of drivers and navigation systems, Trimble Transport & Logistics' CarCube offers, among other things, logistics planning, trailer identification, communication with a home base via GPRS and a driving style assistant which uses the information provided by the truck's Can-Bus system.

Detailed, real-time reports

For management from within the office, the FleetWorks program makes important administrative tasks easier and vehicle location is immediate thanks to the Track & Trace system provided to the customer. Trailer identification and new task assignment during the trip are carried out easily and simply. What's more, FleetWorks allows for automatic generation of management reports which help in decision making.
With the CarCube system –Francisco Lebeña adds- we've been able to detect mechanical failures because fuel consumption went up, but we're also able to give our drivers practical recommendations about, for example, how to make better use of the cruise control.

Easy integration of self-employed drivers

At Lebecuesta, there has been a new step forward alongside Trimble Transport & Logistics. “We are starting to implement the FleetXps app. It is an application for Android mobile phones that is tailor made for self-employed drivers to help them integrate their management systems with our own.  It's fantastic.
Without a doubt, confidence in Trimble Transport & Logistics’ new technologies and quality has helped Lebecuesta to find its best ally in standing out, keeping customers happy and -what's more- saving money.

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