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Ibertinsa chooses the CarCube onboard computer as the best available technology to improve communication with customers.

With CarCube, Ibertinsa has managed to improve quality on offer, simplify a substantial proportion of its processes and even integrate its own software.

As well as the obvious long-distance international transport specialisation (over 75% of all its routes), with Ibertinsa there is the added fact of access to airports, where, in addition to high security requirements, smooth flow of communication with customers is also required for initial or en-route checking of the service or the route. “With CarCube we offer the customer continuous vehicle positioning and we send instantaneous messages from the truck about when the airport facilities are entered and when they are left to start the transport”.

The best available technology to improve communication

“CarCube provides a permanent communication link of very high quality with customers, with drivers and with our own base.”

Teresa Miranda, Deputy Manager Ibertinsa

The onboard computer becomes a tool at the customer’s service

Teresa Miranda, the deputy manager at Ibertinsa, emphasises that the fact of being able to offer an automated channel of communication from the truck itself to the customer means putting a powerful technological tool in their hands. And to be able to achieve it effectively, you need to have confidence in the best equipment. Ms Miranda highlights the virtues of this capability: “the Trimble Transport & Logistics tools provide a continuous communication link with customers, drivers and our own base. Moreover it needs to be said that it is of very good quality”. It should be noted that this type of real-time communication is often a pre-existing stipulation in the customers’ own contracts.

Processes improved, time and management saved

For Ibertinsa however what’s on offer from the CarCube goes well beyond a highly professionalised service or the demands of its own customers. It has also meant major benefits, since it has enabled processes to be speeded up and simplified, which subsequently translate not only into quality, but also cost savings.
We have noticed the benefits of the system, especially in terms of management time. Processes have been simplified to a considerable extent and this has been reflected in actual savings and an improvement in the quality of service on offer to customers”. Accordingly, each trip, each contract does not give rise to a long subsequent administrative process, since CarCube performs it to a large extent automatically and in an integrated manner.

Ibertinsa is a company that covers routes throughout Western Europe, out of Madrid and Barcelona and with particular frequency to Paris or Frankfurt; with vehicles equipped for hazardous goods (ADR), refrigerated and general cargo units. In short, a stack of paperwork and information generated for which thanks are due to a good tracking and telematics management team.

A technology package that adapts to the user

Another of the major virtues of the CarCube system that stands out for the Ibertinsa manager is its adaptability, the ability to incorporate into this tool part of the software that the company already possessed in order to communicate with customers. This precludes the need for added investment in IT programs.
We manage the positioning and tracking system”, Ms Miranda tells us, “using the Trimble Transport & Logistics portal known as FleetWorks, which is accessed securely using a password via the Internet. On the other hand, we keep in contact with customers and drivers by means of Ibertinsa’s own software, but in which we have implemented the communication protocols given to us by Trimble, without problems of any kind."

This means that Ibertinsa and its customers carry on using the communication systems they were already using and it is the Trimble Transport & Logistics tools that adapt to the each company’s operations rather than the reverse.

High-end and constantly evolving integrated services

As Teresa Miranda emphasises, a great many functions, capabilities and benefits are concentrated in a few easy-to-use devices. In her own words she reminds us that “the basic tasks of these devices are: positioning and tracking the vehicles, exchanging information with drivers and linking and checking data with our customers”; that is why it is most important for Ibertinsa’s deputy manager that this tool should offer an open and adaptable future; “with these CarCube units, Trimble offers comprehensive management of communication processes, but it involves technology which is undergoing constant development, enabling improvements to be implemented at all levels of our business."

Reference Ibertinsa
Number of employees


Vehicle fleet

50 tractor units and 64 trailers


International transport, especially dedicated to land transport of airfreight goods, urgent and perishable goods.

Operating area



CarCube onboard computer, combined with portable CarCube Express units, integrated with data transmission and receiving plus messaging services.


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