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Biernat Transport Improves Efficiency with Trimble Telematics Solution

Biernat Transport is a family-owned company with a long-term tradition in transport industry. Founded in 1991 in Drezdenko by Stanisław Biernat, the company is currently co-managed by his son, Hubert Biernat. The most frequent destinations taken by Biernat Transport to provide haulage services include: Switzerland, Germany, France, England, Benelux, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Improve efficiency

"It was just the solution we'd been looking for, the one that perfectly fits our needs."

Hubert Biernat, the co-founder of Biernat Transport

From GPS to Trimble Telematics System

Since the beginning of Biernat’s operations, they have focused on international transport with top-quality service and timeliness.

Due to its growth, the company felt a strong desire to increase its use of technology to improve operations. Unfortunately, the GPS system used by the company turned out to be insufficient and attempts were made to look for a more advanced solution that would support company management and improve the quality of the provided services.

"While searching the Internet for a solution, I stumbled upon a description of CarCube, Trimble’s on-board computer. I called the company and made an appointment to meet its representative. As it turned out, it was just the solution we'd been looking for, the one that perfectly fits our needs," says Hubert Biernat, the co-founder of Biernat Transport.

Competent Communication with Drivers, Data Reporting and Storage

With Trimble’s CarCube, Biernat Transport benefits from efficient driver communication, work time monitoring and navigation.

“For example, with the track & trace option, our customers know the current location of their goods in real-time,” said Hubert Biernat.

The main functionality of the CarCube that enable Biernat Transport to generate considerable savings and facilitateits management processes include:

  • Remote tachograph download
  • Communication with drivers via text messages
  • Fuel consumption reports
  • Vehicle maintenance daily operation and driving habit reports for vehicle maintenance
  • Improved insight in driver working hours
  • Document scanning directly from driver's cab to the office for improved document flow process speed  
  • Easy report and analyses generation with a single press of a button
  • Data storage – easy reports and analyses reverse generation and data search

Cutting the Cost of Telephone Connections by 60 Percent at Minimum

Mobile phones have almost been eradicated from use when it comes to keeping in touch with drivers. The Trimble telematics system allows forwarders to contact their drivers via text messages.

"As a result, international phone calls have been cut by at least 60 percent with pretty spectacular financial effects. We may shift the savings towards future investments in both our employees and fleet," concludes Stanisław Biernat, the co-owner of Biernat Transport.

Increasing the Fleet by 10 Tractor Units without the Need to Employ Additional Office Workers

Currently, Tabor Biernat Transport includes 30 tractor units and trailers with a 5-year history of use. Each vehicle is now fitted with a CarCube on-board computer.

"We've calculated that, by applying CarCube, we can increase our fleet by 10 tractors, from 20 to 30 units, without employing more office workers. Thanks to the Trimble system, the same number of people can now operate a larger fleet," says Biernat.  

"It's hard for me to imagine running a transport company without the telematics system and support provided by Trimble. It's a high-quality, multi-purpose system. I don't even want to remember what it used to be like before. I really value the substantive and technical support provided through partnering with the Trimble team," concludes Biernat.

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Operating area

Switzerland, Germany, France, England, Benelux, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.




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