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Bas Group

Bas Group equips new trucks with Trimble’s FleetXPS and Truck4U solutions for its transport and logistics operations

With FleetXPS, drivers use a mobile device that can be used for proof of delivery, barcode scanning and damage registration, while the Truck4U fixed on-board computer enables driving style analysis. For the Bas Group, this investment means getting acquainted with Trimble again, after seven years.

Lorenzo Bas, Chief Operations Officer said: "We specifically looked for a supplier whose vision and approach are most in line with ours."

With FleetXPS, Bas Group is prepared for the introduction of the electronic-CMR

"Our aim is to grow without having to invest in extra staff."

Lorenzo Bas, Chief Operations Officer Bas Group

Planning flexibility

Bas Group won the TLN Entrepreneurs Award 2015, in part due to the evident entrepreneurial spirit, courage and professionalism. FleetXPS and Truck4U, Trimble's solutions for transport and logistics will play an important role in realising their ambitions for growth.

"Trimble is a streamlined operation like our own with very few organisational layers and which therefore has a service-oriented approach. The maintenance contract was also particularly attractive to me. It means that every minor adjustment is not going to incur an additional charge. We simply pay a monthly sum that covers all maintenance costs", explains Bas.

Since starting to use the new transport management and planning system both of their divisions are operating on the same IT platform. It includes tracking the trucks and communicating with drivers. Which gives them the flexibility to plan for all of their trucks across both divisions. Now that FleetXPS is available, they're going to install the solution in combination with Truck4U, the permanent built-in on-board computer without display. 

"A lot of other on-board computer suppliers offer solutions with two devices: a regular on-board computer to go in the truck and a mobile barcode scanner for use outside the cab. With that type of solution you can be sure to lose the mobile device when loading or unloading. With the FleetXPS from Trimble drivers will be more careful  because they will need it to continue their journey", says Bas. 

Proof of delivery with FleetXPS and Driving style analysis with Truck4U

FleetXPS supports a large number of the usual on-board computer functionalities:

  • communication between planners and drivers
  • tracking the planned journeys
  • registration of hours worked and truck navigation
  • barcode scanner to scan the pallet label upon delivery
  • integrated camera to keep a record of any damage or take a picture to prove that seals have not been broken

"Currently once a delivery has been made, the driver has to go through a whole series of questions on the on-board computer to confirm it. We can automate these steps by simply scanning the pallet label", says Bas, who wants to activate a number of these functions as soon as this system has been fitted on a significant portion of the fleet.

Truck4U will also be installed alongside FleetXPS. Truck4U is a built-in on-board computer without display, but with a tachograph and CANbus connection for monitoring driving times and producing engine management data read-outs. This data means driving behaviour can be analysed in real time and fed back to the drivers through the FleetXPS display. Bas Group will also use this data for Driver Plus, their driver training programme.

Trimble systems to optimise processes

7 years ago the Bas Group started using our former products. In 2013 there followed a new selection process from which Trimble was chosen. Bas Group found that WinSped (LIS) offered them a new transport management system with an integrated planning system. 

 "The existing CarCubes are working excellently. We will therefore only install FleetXPS and Truck4U when we want to replace those vehicles", explains the CEO, who has a lot of faith in the completely updated IT platform. "Over the last few years we have invested in new on-board computers, a new TMS and WMS. It's now time to use those systems to optimise our processes. Only then will we reach our ultimate goal: to grow without having to invest in new staff."

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Reference Bas Group
Number of employees


Vehicle fleet

100 tractor units, 250 trailer units


Transport of high-quality and chemical products to Italy and France and fine distribution in the Benelux countries

Operating area

Benelux, Italy, France


FleetXPS, Truck4U and CarCube, integrated with Winsped TMS


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