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RB Trans Service

CarCube helps RB Trans Service to reduce costs

RB Trans Service with its headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, has many years of experience in international transport of goods mainly to and from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, the Benelux countries, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. It has eighty tractors and eighty three mega semi-trailers. With such a large fleet covering various routes RB Trans Service needs a first-class management tool.  That is why it has been using the telematics system of Trimble Transport & Logistics for two years now. Its key feature is the CarCube on-board computer installed in the cockpit of each tractor.

CarCube optimizes processes and costs

"With the information provided by Trimble’s system we are able to use our staff and fleet more efficiently."

Joanna Nagórska, President of RB Trans Service

Procedure streamlining and innovations have now become a must given the high expectations of the transport sector clients. It is now impossible to remain competitive on the tough transport market without a reliable telematics system.
Joanna Nagórska, President of RB Trans Service, said: “That’s why we finalised talks with Trimble in early 2011 and sent our first trucks with CarCubes on board onto the roads across Europe.”

Better fleet use

It was no easy task to choose the right telematics system supplier. Representatives of RB Trans Service talked to all the leading telematics providers for the transport sector. They tested some solutions for several months.
Joanna Nagórska said: “We opted for Trimble because the user-friendly CarCube and the Fleetworks back office application had won us over. We also appreciated the fact that the system could be tailored to our requirements and Trimble’s flexibility in purchase negotiations. All this convinced us that we should sign the contract with Trimble. With the information provided by Trimble’s system we are able to use our staff and fleet more efficiently and continue to strengthen our competitive edge.
At present, eighty trucks with the logo of RB Trans Service provide services for clients across Europe. To manage the fleet of this size well you need a tool which makes it possible to identify the location of each vehicle, establish what the driver is doing, his next assignment and working hours from wherever you are and at any time. In addition, more and more clients want to be able to monitor their shipments using the track&trace function. Trimble Transport & Logistics caters for all these needs.”

Lower costs

It took over a month to implement the telematics system, but it went very smoothly. Some installations in the vehicles were carried out by Trimble, while the rest was done by the employees of RB Trans Service on their own following relevant training. Several training sessions on the use of FleetWorks were also held in the offices of RB Trans Service.
Joanna Nagórska said: “The configuration of the CarCube computers was tailored to our needs. Both our drivers and dispatchers quickly got used to the new method of communication and supervision provided by online positioning and access to tachograph data. What’s more, reports and alerts generated by Trimble’s system helped us to build a strong team of drivers who fully understand their job.
Fuel consumption, driving behaviour, delivery times, driving times and many other aspects can now be monitored. This helps RB Trans Service to cut down costs and continue to grow.
After two years of using the telematics system of Trimble Transport & Logistics, the owners of RB Trans Service recorded many benefits, including lower costs of communication with drivers, lower average fuel consumption following improved driving behaviour, better use of driving times and quicker information flow thanks to scanners in trucks.

Reference RB Trans Service
Number of employees

150 employees

Vehicle fleet

80 truck tractors
83 semi-trailers


Full-container transport using low deck semi-trailers of 100 cubic metres

Operating area

the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the EU


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