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Punch Telematix introduces new truck navigation for CarCube on-board computer. Navigate efficiently and safely.

For a carrier, choosing the wrong route can have adverse effects: an unnecessary detour costs time and money. A detour can also take a truck right through residential areas where it could be a hazard to residents’ safety. Truck navigation on the CarCube on-board computer eliminates these problems. Punch Telematix has developed a new navigation system specifically for trucks, which guides the driver to his destination efficiently and safely!

Route perfectly geared to the truck

Punch Telematix truck navigation takes into account any restrictions applying to trucks. The navigation system can calculate a route without roads, which are unsuitable for that truck in terms of permissible weight, axle load, headroom and vehicle width. Where necessary, it avoids any entry restrictions for trucks and routes prohibited for hazardous substances, while as far as possible the truck navigation system also keeps unfavourable secondary roads and residential areas out of the route.
In this way, the Punch Telematix navigation system chooses the most efficient route, geared to the truck’s characteristics. That saves fuel and maintenance costs.
CarCube sends the estimated time of arrival to the Fleet Works software, so that the correct ETA is available for planning and customers.



Audiovisual driver support

Punch Telematix truck navigation guides the driver to the destination with clear audiovisual instructions. The voice prompts also include street names, so that the driver can always find the right road easily.

CarCube warns the driver in text and image when approaching dangerous bends, percentage inclines up or down or sidewinds. This enables the route to be covered safely and accidents and damage are prevented.

The navigation system also uses icons on the map to show where restrictions apply for trucks, such as maximum headroom, entry restrictions for trucks and banned routes for hazardous substances.

Convenience for the driver

Addresses are sent to CarCube along with the instructions. On activating the navigation system, the driver only needs to select the desired address.
While navigating, CarCube’s 7-inch screen makes for optimum map viewing: the colours switch automatically from bright colours in daylight to dimmed light in the dark. The map also rotates according to the direction in which the truck is travelling.
The truck navigation system’s icons also indicate important points-of-interest on the map, such as service stations or restaurants. A special icon identifies these on the map and the driver can select them as a destination.

High quality maps

Punch Telematix truck navigation uses the high quality maps from NAVTEQ, world leader in digital maps. The driver can choose different options, such as the shortest or fastest route, routes with or without toll roads or ferry connections.

First customers enthusiastic about truck navigation

“The truck navigation system has a number of very important benefits for the way we operate: the drivers are guided to their destinations far more efficiently and the warnings make for a safer journey. This saves us fuel, maintenance costs and possible damage claims,” explains a satisfied Benny Smets, Director of Ninatrans, one of the first to use the truck navigation system.