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Wages and expenses calculation

For many transport companies, the preparations for the calculation of the driver's wages are a complex and time-consuming puzzle that has to be faced again each pay period. Data on the drivers' activities of the past month have to be meticulously collected, checked and corrected in order to obtain a correct wage calculation.

With FleetHours, the tool for the automatic calculation of salaries and expenses developed by Trimble Transport & Logistics, this job is done in no time. The software collects board computer data automatically, allows fast and easy implementation of corrections and calculates the wages and expenses on the basis of the applicable CBA and other rules.

Add to that the extensive reporting and analysis capabilities as well as the benefits of an open architecture and the choice between a SaaS (Software as a Service), web or client server solution, and you will understand the benefits that are within reach with FleetHours.

FleetHours in a nutshell

  • Wages and expenses calculation
  • Open architecture
  • Choice between client server, hosted or web solution
  • Independent of the board computer
  • Flexible and user-friendly
  • Numerous opportunities for integration
  • Automatic monitoring and correction functions
  • Reliable data enriched with context
  • Supports management by exception
  • In-depth reporting and analysis functionality
  • Adjustable to the company and the wishes of the user

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