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Truck navigation

Truck navigation on CarCube, unique among its kind.

The navigation solution contains truck restrictions and truck warnings. The route is calculated in the most optimal way for your truck. The driver sees warnings for steep hills, curves and windy areas.

Clear and detailed maps

The truck navigation contains a clear and detailed map with lots of visual representations of truck limitations, truck warnings and POI brand signs such a petrol stations, restaurants, maintenance points etc.

Integration between Carcube on-board computer and FleetWorks back-office

The smooth integration between front end and back end makes the truck navigation a very powerful tool for the dispatcher. The Carcube calculates the most accurate ETA for your truck and warns the dispatcher if anything changes.

Own Trimble development

The truck navigation is designed and developed by Trimble itself. This guarantees direct control over the navigation engine and features.

High quality Navteq maps

The truck navigation makes use of the high quality maps of Navteq, world leader in digital mapping.

More unique benefits to navigate efficiently and safely!

Truck restrictions

The navigation solution contains truck limitations such as height, width, length, weight, axle weight etc. The route calculation adapts itself to these settings.

Truck warnings

Possible dangerous places such as steep curves, steep hills and windy areas are shown on the map. The driver can adapt its driving behaviour and prevent accidents!

Automatic zoom

The zoom level of the maps adapt automatically based on the speed of the vehicle.

Favorite destinations

A frequently used destination can easily be stored and selected the next time to navigate to.

Easy to adapt route settings

Select the route settings to adapt the route. Avoid highways, ferries, toll roads etc.

Displayed and spoken street names

The names of the street the truck has to drive into are not only clearly displayed on the CarCube's 7 inch screen, but also included in the spoken instructions.This increases the clarity of the navigation.

POI search

You can select a POI (Place of Interest) category and look for the most nearby restaurant, parking or gas station.

Different map colours

The driver can select between different skins for the map. Different colour schemes are available to optimise the look and feel of the maps.

Day and night view

The map colours can change automatically based on day or night driving. The day colours are bright and lively while the darker night colours make sure that the driver is not blinded by the screen.


The specifications mentioned above may differ for Australia. Please contact your local sales team for more information.


Demo: how does it work?