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Performance Portal

The Performance Portal, an innovative analysis tool, provides insight into the driving behaviour of your drivers and the performance of your vehicles.

Drivers, coaches, fleet managers and company managers track fuel consumption in the proper context and reduce fuel consumption by using KPIs:

  • cruise control
  • speed
  • stationary
  • braking behavior

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What the Performance Portal can do for your company

Fuel saving

There are several ways to record fuel consumption. The Performance Portal centralizes the data in a simple way and combines them into one reliable source of knowledge for the analysis of driving behaviour and fuel consumption.

Influencing driving behaviour

Driver Performance provides insight into driving behaviour based on different KPIs. Driving behaviour is evaluated on the basis of information which also takes into account the context of the specific working day. The analysis tool goes one step further than just measuring the degree of energy-efficiency of performances. The module is user friendly and was developed to display the data you need in just one click.

Track fuel economy over time

Truck Performance provides you a detailed overview of :

  • The consumption per truck.
  • A specific truck with its consumption per driver and according to the type of work executed (international or national transport).
  • The evolution of the consumption of a vehicle or group of vehicles.


Useful for 4 users



The Performance Portal converts data from the on-board computer into a unique score per driver. Each driver receives a Driver Scorecard, this is a report with recommendations regarding his driving style. No absolute figures, but a score. Each driver can follow his progress and compare his performance with colleagues or with his scores on the different KPIs. The tool takes into account the context in which the data was recorded: 

Did the driver execute one long trip or several shorter trips that day? How many hours did he work that day?



Driver coach

The driver coach is provided with an insightful overview into the performance of all drivers. For every driver he sees:

  • the overall score of the past period
  • the position with respect to the average score and the separate scores for each KPI

This relevant, accurate and clear information allows the coach to educate drivers to optimal driving behaviour, which is fundamental to reducing costs and increasing efficiency.  



Fleet manager

Driver evaluation is only one of the elements in the analysis. The driving behaviour must indeed be related to the vehicle performance.

The fleet manager is provided with a detailed overview of a specific truck with its consumption per driver and according to the type of work executed. He or she can follow the evolution over time of the consumption of a vehicle. This way, the causes of this consumption can immediately be found.







The Performance Portal provides managers with an overview of:

  • the drivers’ coaching trends over time
  • the scores evolution
  • the impact of coaching  efforts in terms of decreasing fuel and maintenance costs or damage reduction