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FMS data

CANbus linkage

Fuel consumption, speed, engine revs, braking, cruise control, engine temperature, this is just a selection of the parameters or FMS data that you can analyze by means of the CarCube's CANbus linkage. Accurate recording of fuel consumption means more accurate cost calculation and billing. Particularly for efficient planning of servicing, analysis of engine management data can be a convenient aid. If something occasionally goes wrong, such information can be useful for warranty and insurance purposes.

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Discover what CarCube can do for you : the user-friendly Driving Style Assistant and Truck Navigation can also help you in saving a lot of money.

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Small measures, big results

Don't exceed the maximum speed. Stop the engine temporarily in a queue or parking lot. Navigate correctly without detours. Proper braking technique. Small measures reduce fuel and maintenance costs greatly in time. To encourage your drivers in this needs insight. Insight into how your fleet 'behaves' on the road.

From the CarCube the information goes straight to FleetWorks. Where the Fleet Management System data for your whole fleet are combined in one intelligent system. Irregularities jump out at you. You have all the tools you need to intervene where needed

Benchmarking driving habits

Braking habits, acceleration and deceleration completely determine fuel consumption and maintenance. An analysis of your drivers' road habits is enlightening. Make a benchmark based on your 'best' drivers. And provide training in more economic and safer driving.

Frédéric Derumeaux, Operations manager at Transports Vervaeke, considers optimum driving habits very important:

"Because safety is so important in our business, we pay a lot of attention to our drivers' road habits. Via the CarCube, linked to the CANbus, we notice immediately if a certain driver takes an unauthorised diversion. We can  trace every lost kilometre, we know what his speed and consumption are, how often he has braked, what his revs were at specific times etc. Based on an analysis of this information, we give the driver a score. If it is too low, we intervene to adjust these driving habits via a course. This not only means a not to be underestimated saving on fuel and maintenance costs, but also less risk of accidents."

Klaus Beckonert, Business Manager at Greiwing Transport supports this:

"Thanks to the extremely detailed FMS reports in FleetWorks we are now able to trace and direct our drivers' road habits better. Just preventing wasted fuel consumption when parked or in a queue gives us a saving of 8% or 23,200 euros/month for our whole fleet of 160 vehicles. A quick calculation shows that we have very rapidly earned back our investment in CarCube onboard computers. And further: we earn money every day with CarCube!"