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Driving style assistant

Drivers put the brakes on costs with the driving style assistant

Safety, fuel costs and maintenance costs, CO2 emissions, traffic violations, assignments, traffic... A truck driver has a lot on his mind. These days, transport companies try to save on all their costs and urge their drivers to drive more economically. Sometimes significant time, energy and money are invested in training and coaching, but the effects of these vanish like snow in summer. The driving style assistant motivates drivers to adjust their driving habits and put theory into practice. And that results in savings that last.

User-friendliness is key

The driving style assistant displays a number of values for the driver, including speed, RPM, acceleration, braking behaviour and stationary fuel consumption. These parameters have been set to take into account the type of vehicle and the permitted or fuel-reducing speed. The driver receives a warning if he exceeds the maximum speed or if his braking or accelerating behaviour doesn't conform to the preset values.

Savings that last

Braking habits, speed and gear shifting habits all greatly influence fuel consumption and maintenance. The driver can adjust and control his driving behaviour at every moment, easily saving on costs, both in fuel consumption and maintenance. The detailed reports on FleetWorks also offer management a view of their drivers' driving styles. A driving behaviour analysis clarifies matters. Savings in both the short term and the long term are no longer empty words. The driving style assistant complements training in economical driving. The knowledge and skills learned during training can, after all, easily be tested in reality and the driver can be motivated to apply the theory learned.


The specifications mentioned above may differ for Australia. Please contact your local sales team for more information.