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Reduce fuel consumption

Insight into your fuel consumption requires access to reliable and comprehensive data. These data should be analyzed without delay. 

Whether it's CANbus linkage with the onboard computer, truck navigation, driving style assistant or the Performance Portal, an innovative analysis tool. Our solutions are focused on what is important to you:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Driving behavior
  • Optimal route
  • Engine management data

Discover all our tools to reduce fuel consumption:

How to reduce fuel consumption?

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The benefits of FMS data via CANbus linkage with the onboard computer:

  • Accurate calculation of cost and billing
  • Analysis of fuel consumption, speed, idling, braking, cruise control, engine temperature ... without delay
  • Efficient scheduling of maintenance
  • Analysis of the engine management data
  • Information for warranty and insurance

Driving Style Assistant for truck drivers

Safety, fuel and maintenance costs, CO2 emissions violations, assignments, traffic ...

A truck driver has a lot on his mind.

The Driving Style Assistant motivates drivers to adjust their driving habits and to put theory into practice. This ensures lasting fuel reduction.

Truck Navigation for on-board computers

The navigation includes restrictions and warnings for trucks. Routs are calculated in the most optimal way.

The driver is warned for steep slopes, curves and windy areas.

Performance Portal

Discover the innovative analysis tool that converts all your data into workable data. To follow up driving behaviour, consumption per truck and understand your fuel consumption.

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