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On-board technology

Bottom-up efficiency

Whether it involves a workstation at the office, at home or in the cab: high-end mobile applications can no longer be ignored in our day-to-day lives.

Harnessing state-of-the-art technology is enabling providers of transport and logistics services to comply with current legislation and regulations, operate sustainably and with multimodal integration and boost their efficiency substantially. This is being achieved from the bottom-up, based on real-time information about vehicles, drivers and consignments.

Trimble Transport & Logistics offers an advanced system for all these aspects, for both real-time fleet management and accessing the wealth of the logistical information. A unique aspect of our system is that not only does each application fulfil a specific function, it can also be fully integrated to share real-time data with the other applications. This enables applications to be deployed both singly and in combination.

This means our system can be fully tailored to your specific needs in terms of real-time information.

Discover more about

  • CarCube : a fixed on-board computer with driver's interface
  • Truck4U : a DIN format on-board unit permanently built into the truck, without visual output
  • FleetXPS : an Android-based tablet for when dealing with logistical activities