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FleetXPS for Android. The Mobile Solution for Logistic Service Providers and Charters.

With the Fleet Express for Android, FleetXPS App for short, Trimble Transport & Logistics offers a flexible smartphone solution to carriers that regularly hire in charters and want to integrate them seamlessly in their fleet management. This makes them capable of assuring their customers of uninterrupted service at any time.

Do you use subcontractors? Regularly or occasionally?

If so, FleetXPS App is ideal for you! Contact us for more information.

The FleetXPS App is a native Android application and it concentrates on interaction with the driver when dealing with logistical activities:

  • Real-time OTA track & trace (customer’s own airtime)
  • Manual and automatic (*) driver identification
  • Message traffic and hands-free telephony (optional)
  • Hours justification
  • Proof of delivery:
      • Integrated barcode scanner
      • Integrated camera for damage recording amongst other things
      • Sign-on-glass: digital signature
      • Documentscanning (external device) (*)
  • Driving time display (*)

The FleetXPS App, due in part to its easy accessibility and usage-based cost, lends itself primarily to orders fulfilled by subcontractors. Users acquire a device to suit their own preferences, provided it meets the stipulated minimum requirements and provide it with their own airtime.

(*) These functionalities require a WiFi connection to the Truck4U gateway.



The specifications mentioned above may differ for Australia. Please contact your local sales team for more information.