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CarCube on-board computer

CarCube is an on-board unit permanently built into the truck that consists of a truck unit and a touch screen fitted in the cab as the driver’s interface


Synonym for a user-friendly system.

CarCube offers:

  • Real-time OTA track & trace
  • Manual and automatic driver identification
  • Start cut-out
  • Message traffic and hands-free telephony (optional)
  • Driving time monitoring and display
  • FMS data, driving style analysis and driving style display.
  • Remote tacho download
  • Truck navigation
  • Hours justification
  • Sensor surveillance and sensor data monitoring

CarCube is a closed system, which means that it is set up and managed (software/hardware) exclusively through Trimble Transport &Logistics.


The specifications mentioned above may differ for Australia. Please contact your local sales team for more information.


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