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Top precision and hygiene with CarCubes on Pawtrans vehicles.

Pawtrans is a leading transport company in Poland and a major haulier on the European market offering transportation of liquid food products. This area of specialization calls for paying particular attention to the hygiene of tank trucks, precision in maintaining the parameters of liquids transported and timely deliveries. To meet these requirements Pawtrans uses the telematics system of Trimble Transport & Logistics to monitor both the journey of each truck and the conditions in which liquid products are transported.

CarCube provides accurate real-time data

"The CarCube provides us with real-time information on vehicles and deliveries, which are a must in planning the transport of perishable products."

Marek Krochmal, president Pawtrans

Pawtrans transports goods such as juices, fruit concentrates, chocolate, as well as glucose, oils and dairy products. There is no room for error in this area of business specialization as even a minor failure to meet the strict conditions for the transport of foodstuffs may result in being stripped of the transport fee, to say the least. This calls for ensuring timely food deliveries and safety, which can be achieved with a modern fleet and state-of-the-art solutions, as well as professionalism, flexibility and experience gained by Pawtrans employees in more than thirty years of the company’s operation on the European transportation market (Pawtrans was founded in 1982).

High expectations of a telematics system

The transport, forwarding and logistics market continues to develop and requires from carriers greater specialization, flexibility and just-in-time deliveries. Real-time information about freight status and driving times is an absolute must in planning deliveries to clients and successful provision of transport services”, said Marek Krochmal, President of Pawtrans.

Suppliers of telematics systems for road transport such as Trimble help to meet such requirements by offering a full range of services for online monitoring of vehicles and deliveries. With these functionalities at hand it is possible to review in detail and control costs of individual transport routes.

At Pawtrans we have used ICT solutions for many years. And more than once did we join the ICT supplier in launching new functionalities to monitor delivery costs and statuses. To select the right telematics system for our company we considered several factors, but primarily the modular architecture of the system to develop it further and adjust it to the specific nature of our operations. Integration of the new telematics system with our InterLAN transport management software was also important to us. We also paid close attention to the level of technological advancement of the system, including new technologies in data transfer, interfaces, graphics and so on. We wanted state-of-the-art software taking account of current software and user requirements and trends. It had to be functional and offer a full range of data on the vehicle and delivery status”, said Marek Krochmal.


Trimble Transport & Logistics undercut its competitors operating on the Polish market. Its telematics systems is being implemented in stages as scheduled. It all began with CarCube testing in Pawtrans vehicles and system testing in the back office. This was followed by arrangements to integrate Trimble’s solution with our transport management system and training our drivers and employees in the functionalities of the new system. The system’s features also had to be adjusted to the specifications for the transport of liquid foodstuffs in cistern trailers.
Then followed a period of testing in various areas of the system’s operation, including order handling and workflow, and using reports on driving times for up-to-date payroll administration. Finally, it was necessary to conduct relevant training, to obtain feedback and to review reports supplied by Trimble. As a result, Trimble’s telematics system is now in current use.

Quick response to the client’s changes and expectations

Pawtrans is already reaping the benefits from the steady implementation of Trimble’s telematics system. These, according to Marek Krochmal, include primarily round-the-clock freight monitoring, online access to data on vehicles and driving times, fuel savings generated with the driving style assistant, online route accounting and document scanning by drivers, better use of the fleet of vehicles and greater flexibility in responding to clients’ needs.

The system makes it possible to perform operations efficiently and delivers comprehensive analytical information required to monitor operations and make appropriate decisions. An additional asset of the interLAN software is its open and modular structure which makes it possible to select functionalities in line with the client’s needs. What’s more, with complete online data on vehicles we can quickly respond to the changing conditions, which is of great importance in the transport of perishable products”, said Marek Krochmal.

Win-win strategy

Pawtrans is a very demanding client, but is also very easy to work with. Its employees using Trimble’s system have experience in operating telematics systems and, therefore, they have clear-cut requirements towards tailor-made solutions. “Pawtrans sets major challenges for the employees of Trimble T&L. Meeting them is a source of great satisfaction. Our people spare no effort to quickly satisfy the client’s requirements for additional functionalities to achieve the final system configuration meeting his needs”, said Tomasz Czerniawski, Project Manager, Trimble T&L.

With such attitude both companies reap benefits. Pawtrans is able to bring maximum efficiency to business management by using the fully deployed telematics system. Trimble, on the other hand, has gained new experience and a stable partner to increase its competitive edge on the market of transport telematics.

Trimble’s CarCube and software have streamlined the management of Pawtrans fleet and drivers. Each forwarder can now manage a larger number of vehicles to use them more efficiently. Products carried are now much safer. That’s the point of implementing a telematics system in a transport company.

Reference Pawtrans
Number of employees

- 55 full-time employees
- 220 self-employed drivers

Vehicle fleet

- 3 trucks
- 154 tractors (Volvo and Mercedes)
- 154 semi-trailers (Magyar and Felbinder)


road transport of liquid and semi-liquid foodstuffs, juices, fruit concentrates, fresh fruits, chocolate, glucose, oils and dairy products

Operating area

Germany, Benelux countries, United Kingdom, France, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain


-InterlanSpeed, Dyspozytor, InterLAN Tacho: system supporting company management in connection with transport and vehicle forwarding. Fleet management and payroll processing, planning and optimization of journeys. The system is integrated with Trimble’s telematics system installed on vehicles.
-Symfonia Forte software (Finances and Accounting)


Efficient fleet management

Act like Pawtrans and profit from the benefits that the CarCube can offer you. Contact us for more information or send us today a request for a private demo at your convenience to illustrate exactly what CarCube can do for your business.