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Glass Transporter Hubert Winnen Chooses Trimble’s Telematics Solution

•    Spedition Winnen installs its first telematics system
•    Entire fleet to be upgraded by the end of the year
•    Hardware, software and support all from a single source

Telematics supplier Trimble has gained a new customer in Spedition Hubert Winnen GmbH & Co. KG. By the end of the year Trimble will implement he latest version of its CarCube telematics solution for the glass transporter's entire fleet. Now, the transport company from Gladbeck, Germany will improve communication between the dispatching team and the drivers, fleet management and vehicle utilization. Payroll and expense accounting will also be largely digitised.

Jörg Hoffmann, representative of Spedition Hubert Winnen, is convinced of the benefits:

“The new telematics system means we can meet higher customer expectations in the age of digitisation.”

The reason Trimble telematics was chosen, he says, is the impressive depth and breadth of the solution. Hardware and software are from a single source, as well as support.

“We always get quick and accurate replies to our queries,” said Hoffmann.

That is how, after a test phase,Trimble was selected over two other telematics vendors.
The first vehicles of the Gladbeck-based transport company were equipped with Trimble telematics in early July. The CarCube on-board computer will be installed in all units in phases by the end of the year. The telematics solution is intended to simplify and optimise the workflows in dispatching and administration.

Before the CarCube solution was implemented, all data had to be entered and transferred manually.

“We hope to significantly improve communication between the drivers and dispatching,” said Hoffmann.

Digitisation removes the need for drivers and dispatching staff to call each other to assign jobs and obtain status information; trip and job data, vehicle data and management information are recorded and presented digitally. Hoffmann believes that this provides significant potential savings, and that vehicle planning can be made much more efficient.

The CarCube provides dispatching  with exact information about vehicle status and location. This means journeys can be planned more effectively and better use can be made of loading capacities by linking trips in a targeted way. The glass transporter, which operates throughout Europe, eventually plans to install the telematics solution in 50 vehicles of a partner company.

Alongside the CarCube equipment, Winnen will use the FleetHours payroll and expense accounting system.

“We want to use the program to drastically reduce the time spent on payroll and expense accounting, and we’re also looking forward to simpler workflows,“ said Hoffmann.

In future, all the telematics data transmitted by the CarCube will be visible in the FleetHours software, so there will be no need to enter the drivers’ expense reports manually.

The interface, implemented by Soloplan GmbH, will also support and harmonise data exchange between the CarLo Transport Management System (TMS) and the Trimble telematics solution. According to Hoffmann, this system performed convincingly in test mode.

“The workflow needs time to bed down in the telematics system. I expect that we’ll be finished with fine tuning in the first quarter of 2017,” said Hoffmann.

Support and training were very important to the glass logistics experts right from the beginning. They allowed the company to understand all the powerful functions of the telematics solution and take full advantage of itspotential. A number of training events were held to familiarise all users and administrators with the functions. The drivers and workshop personnel received intensive training in how to use the CarCube solution.

Spedition Hubert Winnen GmbH specialises in glass logistics and operates throughout Europe. In addition to transport and storage, the Gladbeck-based company's portfolio encompasses all logistics services.