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Trimble’s new mobile charter solution: FleetXps for Android

With the Fleet Express for Android, FleetXps for short, Trimble Transport & Logistics offers a flexible smartphone solution to carriers that regularly hire in charters and want to integrate them seamlessly in their fleet management. This makes them capable of assuring their customers of uninterrupted service at any time.
With its wide range of functions, the mobile solution is the perfect addition to the on-board computer CarCube. FleetXps is supported by all Android-capable devices, and can quickly be installed on the smartphone.

Do you work with subcontractors?

On a regular basis or occasionally? Do you also rent vehicles? Do you constantly need up-to-date information? Then FleetXps is the solution for you.

From now on, you can include your subcontractors in your planning just as efficiently as your own vehicles and drivers. Contact us today for more information.

“With FleetXps we offer the ideal solution for all those wanting to integrate their subcontractors into their fleet management,” says Michel Van Maercke, CEO of Trimble Transport & Logistics.

The same ease of use as with CarCube

The challenge for Trimble was to create the same quality and nearly identical working method as with the popular CarCube. Apart from the Android supported smartphone user interfaces, its logistics functions such as sending and dealing with tasks and messages, completing the logbook with associated query path, are fully identical. The FleetXps is therefore just as user-friendly as the CarCube.

A planner will not notice any difference between the logistics touches of the permanently mounted CarCube and the mobile FleetXps.
The method used is consistently the same. A driver also has to log in before being able to start his day’s work.

Mobile versus mounted

Naturally there are a couple of differences with the permanently mounted CarCube: because the emphasis lies on the logistics aspect, such vehicle-related interfaces as tacho-based driving times and downloads, CANBUS data, using PTO and logging temperature measuring systems are not recorded.

Handy functions

FleetXps has an integrated barcode scanner function (camera needed in device!) and the possibility of adding a digital signature. In addition, the FleetXps is also able to establish the link with a number of (paid) navigation apps, which can be started from within a task. Based on the GPS receiver in the smartphone, the driving time and distance covered are linked to the logbook, in order to make the trip data complete.

Useful information

As with the CarCube, FleetXps is associated with one single FleetWorks account. FleetXps comes best into its own in “round trips”.
Although Trimble will not be selling smartphone devices and airtime (they are entirely the user’s responsibility), it will be able to provide advice on this.