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Remote tacho download

The remote tachograph download produces a considerable time gain when reading from the digital tachograph’s mass memory.

Where previously it was still a requirement to have a company card in the truck to read out the mass memory, now a card reader and company card in the office suffice.
When the company card is inserted in the office card reader, CarCube starts the validation process for reading out the mass memory.

Once authenticated by the digital tachograph, data can be downloaded within 24 hours. CarCube sends the tachograph data wirelessly to the home base, so that the vehicle does not need to be there physically. The driver card can also be read remotely via the remote tachograph download on CarCube.

The functionality for reading the mass memory is available for digital tachographs from Siemens version 1.3 and from Stoneridge version 7.1.