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ITT Event 2010 – 20 May in Ypres (Belgium) and 3 June in Houten (The Netherlands). Sustainable enterprise with innovative ICT

Sustainable enterprise in transport and logistics means working more efficiently to help reduce the impact on our environment. This process goes hand in hand with controlling costs. ICT has proven to be a powerful tool for efficiency improvement, cost control, and sustainable innovation.
New solutions are being developed for sparing the environment and further improving your performance. At the Punch Telematix ITT Event 2010, you can become acquainted with these innovative, sustainable solutions.

The “Innovation and Technology in Transport Management”-event is being held in the new Punch Telematix offices in Ypres (Belgium) and in Expo Houten in The Netherlands. In these inspiring settings, together with our partners, we present you the new and innovative technologies of today for tomorrow.

Firsts in high-tech

Sustainable, efficient and safe. That is the aim of the latest innovations, which Punch Telematix is privileging visitors to preview at the ITT Event.
Within our Greene CarCube concept, we look forward to presenting you our new truck navigation system: Punch Telematix Truck Navigation takes account of all the restrictions applying to trucks. This enables your drivers to reach their destinations earlier, more safely and without unnecessarily burdening their environment!

Grip on emissions and costs

Our partners’ innovative solutions also provide you with greater grip on emissions and costs. Among the other things that we are presenting at the ITT Event is the new ECON driving style, training that has a lasting effect on a driver’s driving behaviour. Plenty of new software that enables you to work more efficiently, reduce emissions of harmful substances and makes emissions visible is also being presented.

Leading speakers

What developments should entrepreneurs with innovative, sustainable solutions capitalise on and how does government support them in this? At the ITT Event, leading experts in transport and logistics take visitors through the latest trends and developments. Among our top speakers are Philippe Degraef, director of Febetra, Peter Sierat, Director of Transport en Logistiek Nederland, and Ad Toet, Director Koninklijk Nederlands Vervoer.

Sustainable implementation


Visitors to the ITT Event also experience how to implement sustainable innovations in practice, so that they will function and perform to the optimum. Hans van den Bosch, managing director of Lehnkering and Marcus Oberfeld, IT Manager of Greiwing Logistics for You, show how they optimised their transport operations by using the CarCube onboard computer. Jan de Strooper of DrivOlution also demonstrates the practical side and the initial results of the new ECON-driving at CoupéTrans.

Punch Telematix, its partners and customers will be waiting on Thursday, May 20 and Thursday, 3 June with some inspiring presentations and live demonstrations!