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Garex Imperial

Greater driving efficiency of Garex Imperial vehicles with CarCube computers

Before Garex Imperial from Swarzędz, Poland, implemented the telematics system of Trimble Transport & Logistics, it had used simple GPS devices. At that time Garex Imperial was not part of the Imperial Logistics International group, but a privately-held company which provided transport services for Panopa, a logistics operator of the automotive manufacturer Volkswagen Poznań.

CarCube optimizes processes and costs

"I’m also very satisfied with the post-sales support which in Poland often leaves something to be desired, but not in Trimble’s case."

Sylwia Paszkiewicz, Head of Transport at Garex Imperial

Today Garex Imperial transports goods for the automotive industry in Poland and abroad as part of just-in-time deliveries. Its tank semi-trailers carry chocolate, palm oil, cocoa mass and fruit concentrates.
Some of our vehicles are used for typical forwarding purposes, but we also support our parent company Panopa in its logistics processes”, said Sylwia Paszkiewicz, Head of Transport at Garex Imperial.

Path to Trimble Transport & Logistics

The company’s development, the launch of international transport services and the growing expectations of clients encouraged Garex Imperial managers to make investments to increase service quality and to optimize processes and costs. These objectives were to be met with on-board computers with telematics software fitted on Garex Imperial vehicles.
Telematics software for our company had to incorporate the following functionalities: fuel consumption monitoring, driving times calculation for payroll administration and communication with drivers, driver identification, and monitoring of vehicle devices. We needed a system which would generate reports, send assignments to drivers and which could be connected with the interface in Garex Imperial’s back office. What convinced us to go for Trimble’s CarCube was the possibility of round-the-clock and in-depth monitoring of our fleet with detailed data and system reports. With all that we can use our vehicles and information effectively. As a result, we can streamline our processes and make the best use of our resources, and consequently reduce costs”, said Sylwia Paszkiewicz.

The right client approach is what it takes

Following the market review, three suppliers of telematics solutions were shortlisted, including Trimble Transport & Logistics. Sylwia Paszkiewicz assures that the telematics systems offered by the three providers were comparable, but Trimble’s approach to the client was what mattered. The operation of Trimble’s system deployed in other transport companies was also reviewed.
I’m also very satisfied with the post-sales support which in Poland often leaves something to be desired, but not in Trimble’s case”, added Sylwia Paszkiewicz.
Trimble’s telematics system has been fully used since spring 2011. Its implementation was gradual and took about six months.
Garex Imperial is open to innovative solutions and as we go along we can modify the system in line with Garex Imperial’s expectations and deploy our state-of-the-art solutions, such as remote tachograph downloading”, said Paweł Wojtysiak, Country Manager Poland, Trimble Transport & Logistics.

CarCube instead of the mobile

Trimble’s telematics system has greatly improved the work of Garex Imperial dispatchers, especially of Ms. Marlena Zawada, the head of forwarding.
Now I don’t have to telephone our drivers, which took quite a lot of my time and cost quite a lot as they were usually international phone calls. Now I am up to date with the driving times of each driver, which makes it much easier to plan assignments and journeys for each of them”, said Marlena Zawada.
With the installation of CarCube on-board computers in cockpits and software implementation it was possible to optimize and speed up all the transport processes at Garex Imperial. All that contributed to time savings. It is now possible to monitor not only drivers, but also office employees. There is no talk of ‘I haven’t been told’, because all the in-house processes are recorded. The system of Trimble Transport & Logistics is directly linked to the CANbus, which enables Garex Imperial to monitor fuel consumption. It all provides for top precision and leaves no room for freedom of data interpretation.
All the benefits bring measurable savings. For instance, as a result of the fuel consumption monitoring, fuel consumption dropped by one liter per 100 kilometers. Garex Imperial generates greater income without having to increase its fleet size. To put it shortly, the system of Trimble Transport & Logistics improved the company’s operational efficiency.

Reference Garex Imperial
Number of employees


Vehicle fleet

•    96 tractors
•    10 trucks
•    52 semi-trailers


Transport for the automotive and food industries, and manufacturers of other consumables

Operating area



Integration with TMS: InterLAN


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