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Blindspot camera

To improve safety on the road, Trimble Transport & Logistics has integrated CarCube with a reversing and blindspot camera. The images from these cameras are displayed on the on-board computer’s screen.

As soon as the vehicle speed decreases to 30 km/h or less, the view of the road automatically appears on CarCube as the blindspot or reversing camera films it. Depending on the direction - forward or reverse - the on-board computer automatically selects the right camera. Once the speed goes beyond 30 km/h again, CarCube will switch back to the screen that the driver had selected on the on-board computer.

Integrating CarCube with the blindspot and reversing camera means that separate screens are no longer needed in the cab for displaying the camera images. Not only does this save costs, it also increases safety, because the driver only has the one screen to cope with, the CarCube’s screen.