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Family business Bonnier, which transports new vehicles, construction materials and earthworks, has chosen Punch Telematix to equip its fleet of 15 lorries. CarCube on-board computers were fitted in all its vehicles during the month of March 2010. Manager Jean-Philippe Massart explains his investment: "Our customers are becoming more and more demanding and legislation is becoming tighter. On-board computers have become essential to all companies. We are hoping to save time, avoid wasted mileage and gain better control of the work of our drivers, in other words become more profitable".

Pursuant to article 8 of the takeover decree of 27 April 2007 Punch International nv (‘Punch’) and Punch Telematix nv (‘Punch Telematix’) have today announced that Trimble Navigation Limited (‘Trimble’, Nasdaq: TRMB) wishes to make a voluntary and conditional public takeover offer in cash for all outstanding voting shares in Punch Telematix at 3.15 euros per share. Trimble will notify the Belgian Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission (‘CBFA’).

Further to the indicative, non-binding offer of Transics to address a voluntary public offering to all shareholders of Punch Telematix nv (‘Punch Telematix’), provided certain conditions are met, the boards of directors of Punch Telematix and Punch International nv (‘Punch’) wish to announce today that they do not accept this offer.

Punch currently holds 64.77 % of the shares in Punch Telematix.
Lower consumption, reduced wear: Greiwing logistics for you GmbH is using the Punch Telematix digital driving style assistant to reduce its fuel and maintenance costs. The module of the CarCube onboard computer measures key parameters during journeys, such as fuel consumption, engine speed, braking and acceleration. Status bars in the CarCube display and voice messages then tell the driver how he can reduce fuel consumption.
The extent of the benefits to be gained from telematics systems depends on a range of factors, including integration in existing software: Miratrans, a forwarding company specialising in transporting consumer goods all over Europe, has equipped its 140-vehicle fleet with the Punch Telematix CarCube onboard computer. To derive maximum benefit from the telematics system, and to automate functions such as order transmission, payroll and expense accounting, the company with its headquarters in the Polish town of ??czyca has integrated it in its interLAN logistics software.
Farewell to paper mountains: at Sievert Handel Transporte GmbH, a division of the Sievert building materials group, drivers no longer need to submit reports for payroll accounting purposes. The company, headquartered in Lengerich, in the Westphalia region of Germany, is currently implementing a new automatic payroll and expense accounting module for its Punch Telematix CarCube onboard computer. “Fleetwatch” provides a transparent overview of work, driving and rest times, eliminating the need for manual daily or weekly reports.
Transports Sarrazain of Toulouse started fitting Punch Telematix onboard computing to all their fleet in December 2009. Two hundred heavy vehicles (140 tractor units, 25 articulated trucks, 15 container trucks and 20 trailers) will be receiving an onboard CarCube computer with a touchscreen and a driver's card reader between now and 30 March 2010. Two hundred trailers will also be fitted with a Punch Trailer ID tracking device. When a tractor unit is coupled to a trailer, the CarCube will identify it automatically and will inform the company in real time.
De Ploeger Groep, a leading logistics service provider with branches in Harderwijk, Tilburg and Poppel (Belgium) is equipping its in-house fleet of 200 trucks with CarCube onboard computers. These are replacing the existing solution, which has reached the end of its lifecycle. Punch Telematix has integrated Ploeger's CarCube onboard computers fully with the TMW transport management system. This is allowing the logistics service provider to make substantial efficiency gains in its transport activities.
The German logistics provider and specialist for chemical and steel transports Lehnkering equips its fleet with a new telematics system in order to optimize the fleet operations. All trucks will be provided with "CarCube", an on-board computer system developed by the Belgian company Punch Telematix. This new system will be integrated in the In-House-Software CargoWare of the Lehnkering Logistics & Services, part of the IMPERIAL Group and it will account for further improvements in transport arrangements across locations.
The multi-functional on-board computer replaces the outmoded non-integrated solution: Transport company Friedrich Kerkemeier GmbH & Co. KG were looking for a telematics system that provides a multitude of extra functions in addition to order management. As a result, this new solution has to be able to handle journey and vehicle data in order to decrease fuel consumption. The communication of working hours will permit the exact calculation of driving and resting times. The enterprise, which specialises in steel transportation, found the answer at Punch Telematix. Within a single weekend Kerkemeier fitted 30 trucks with the on-board computer CarCube, so that the drivers and dispatchers could continue their work seamlessly.