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Trimble Transport & Logistics is expanding the CarCube on-board computer with new functionality aimed at reducing journey times and increasing ease of use. The CarCube’s Journey Time Assistance ties in seamlessly with the ‘1-minute ruling’ for the digital tachograph, which has been applied since 1 October this year. In addition, two new functions make it easier to navigate with the innovative Truck Navigation from Trimble Transport & Logistics. The on-board computer CarCube is continuously innovated, so that our customers can immediately comply with or profit from changes in legislation and regulations” says Michel van Maercke, CEO of Trimble Transport & Logistics. “Moreover, we always focus on optimising ease of use.
In August 2010, Trimble acquired telematics provider Punch Telematix, rebranding the organization to Trimble Transport & Logistics. This corporate move to grow the business is paying off with Punch’s already successful CarCube, which is being sold under the new Trimble brand to prestigious customers such as Denkinger Internationale Spedition and the Ziegler group this year alone.

At the Transport Logistic 2011 exhibition in Munich, Trimble Transport & Logistics (formerly Punch Telematix) is introducing some new, innovative features for their CarCube on-board computer that increase both efficiency and safety.

The Ziegler transport group has decided to equip its entire vehicle fleet with Trimble on-board computers. Over time, the contract provides for the installation of CarCube on-board computers in all of the 2,000 vehicles in Ziegler’s European network.
Challenge to gas-guzzling HGV trips: with its on-board computer, CarCube, Trimble Transport & Logistics is supporting a test drive to save fuel. The aim is to achieve an average consumption of less than 25 litres per 100 kilometres on a journey of around 1,600 kilometres from Munich to the Italian Villa San Giovanni (ferry port off Sicily) with a fully loaded 40-tonner. The people behind the project, Lifetime Technologies and MAN, want to demonstrate the dramatic fuel savings that are possible using new technologies. As there is no previous comparable measurement on this run, they also want to set the mark for a world record.

Trimble today announced that following its acquisition of Punch Telematix it plans to rebrand the company as Trimble Transport and Logistics beginning on 1st October. Andrew Yeoman, Managing Director of Trimble MRM in Europe, confirmed the announcement at the IAA Commercial Vehicles event in Hanover and said, "Europe is a key growth area for Trimble as we look to expand our range of solutions in the region."

Sustainable enterprise in transport and logistics means working more efficiently to help reduce the impact on our environment. This process goes hand in hand with controlling costs. ICT has proven to be a powerful tool for efficiency improvement, cost control, and sustainable innovation. New solutions are being developed for sparing the environment and further improving your performance. At the Punch Telematix ITT Event 2010, you can become acquainted with these innovative, sustainable solutions.
Following Trimble's acquisition of Punch Telematix, the company is now looking to grow its European business by offering a full solution set to both light commercial vehicle (LCV) and heavy goods vehicle (HGV) market across Europe. Trimble will be attending the IAA - the largest transportation event in Germany for the first time to meet customers, explain the acquisition in more detail and present the companies' vision for the future.
Thanks to the carrier’s positive experiences with the CarCube onboard computer and its productive cooperation with Punch Telematix, last week St. van den Brink extended its contract with Punch Telematix until 2014. “We have already had a good relationship with Punch Telematix since 2007. They are reliable partners who think out solutions along with us and continuously develop the on-board computer,” said Gerrit Jan Mulder, finance director at St. van den Brink in Ermelo.

For a carrier, choosing the wrong route can have adverse effects: an unnecessary detour costs time and money. A detour can also take a truck right through residential areas where it could be a hazard to residents’ safety. Truck navigation on the CarCube on-board computer eliminates these problems. Punch Telematix has developed a new navigation system specifically for trucks, which guides the driver to his destination efficiently and safely!