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Discover all Trimble T&L-news items:

Trimble’s acquisition of France-based SOLID Transport adds legal archiving, violation management and tacho-based payroll management solutions to Trimble's Transport & Logistics portfolio.
The Bas Group will equip 30 new trucks with Trimble’s FleetXPS and Truck4U solutions for its transport and logistics operations. With FleetXPS, drivers use a mobile device that can be used for proof of delivery, barcode scanning and damage registration, while the Truck4U fixed on-board computer enables driving style analysis. For the Bas Group, this investment means getting acquainted with Trimble again, after seven years. Lorenzo Bas, Chief Operations Officer said: "We specifically looked for a supplier whose vision and approach are most in line with ours."
Transport Sonotra, who specializes in hydrocarbon transport, saves time and money using Trimble’s CarCube on-board computer to manage the company’s tanker trucks.
On 1 January 2015, Germany introduced a statutory minimum wage (Mindestlohn) of 8.50 euros gross per hour. The new legislation is mandatory for both domestic and foreign employers and has significant consequences for the transport sector. To enable transport and logistics service providers to meet these new requirements, Trimble has introduced a new module for its FleetHours payroll and expense calculations application that allows customers to quickly and easily provide the required legal reports.
Australian transport companies will now have the flexibility to deploy different types of telematics devices across one platform to help them meet specific logistical needs, following the launch of Trimble’s Truck4U and FleetXPS solutions in Australia.
Trimble’s CarCube on-board computers were successfully deployed in “Leszek i Agata” Sp. z o.o. truck tractors in January 2015. “Leszek i Agata,” which is part of the Oscar Group and headquartered in Tomaszów Lubelski, Poland, provides international transportation services for food and refrigerated products. Trimble’s telematics technologies have already brought tangible benefits to the company through lower fuel consumption.
Trimble introduced today its next generation truck navigation solution for its on-board computers used in the transport and logistics market. With the next generation solution Trimble continues its commitment to provide customers with innovative tools to increase the efficiency and safety of their operations. The new features include a 3D map view; easy-to-use and flexible computer settings; multiple truck profiles; alternative route proposals; recalculated routes based on real-time traffic information; as well as a wide variety of driver alerts.
Trimble introduced today Service Time Manager, new functionality in its FleetCockpit back-office scheduling software for transport and logistics planners. With Service Time Manager, planners can have real-time insight of a driver’s working hour activities, which include driving, resting, waiting, loading and unloading. In addition, the new tool can make projections of the total number of driver working hours within a certain time frame. With this projection capability, companies can be aware of a driver’s schedule and try to avoid having them perform more or less hours than scheduled. It also allows them to efficiently distribute the overall workload. In addition, violations of the working time regulations can be avoided.
Christian Leleu knows the transport business. His company, Transports Leleu, located in northern France, provides full- and part-load transport and a wide variety of logistics and related services throughout France and Europe. The company is a member of the Evolutrans network of nearly 100 French transport companies. Christian Leleu is the president of Transports Leleu and a long-standing member of Evolutrans, over which he presided from 2004 to 2014. Leleu is an enthusiast when it comes to appreciating the performance and ease of use of the CarCube on-board computer telematics solution from Trimble.
Group-GTS, a provider for container transport, tautliner transport and warehouse services in the EU with focus on Benelux, Germany and France, has now equipped its entire fleet with CarCube on-board computers from Trimble. The GTS trucks have been equipped with the CarCube computers for quite some time already, and after the integration of TDS – which now becomes Group-GTS together with GTS – the company chose Trimble's board computer to become the standard telematics solution for the combined group. According to the management, the ability to fully leverage the synergies and economies of scale would be beneficial. Two months after the installation of the CarCube on-board computers in the 76 TDS vehicles, the first results were successful. In addition, Group-GTS also invested in the Driver Performance Portal from Trimble, for even more efficiency.