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Trimble's Service Time Manager Makes Scheduling Drivers More Efficient

Trimble introduced today Service Time Manager, new functionality in its FleetCockpit back-office scheduling software for transport and logistics planners. With Service Time Manager, planners can have real-time insight of a driver’s working hour activities, which include driving, resting, waiting, loading and unloading. In addition, the new tool can make projections of the total number of driver working hours within a certain time frame. With this projection capability, companies can be aware of a driver’s schedule and try to avoid having them perform more or less hours than scheduled. It also allows them to efficiently distribute the overall workload. In addition, violations of the working time regulations can be avoided.

Service Time Manager shows per driver the total amount of hours worked daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. The tool is fed with data produced by the digital or analogue tachograph, which is sent to FleetCockpit scheduling software in real time. Per driver or per driver group, the planner can set a maximum number of working hours, as stipulated in a contract. With real-time data, the evolution of contract working hours can easily be followed. The data is displayed clearly through bar graphs, colour codes and map views. The tool can also be set flexibly according to the needs of the planner.

Calculate to Anticipate and Improve the Working Time Distribution

A significant benefit of Service Time Manager is that the solution allows planners to intervene when drivers carry out their hours faster or slower than scheduled. For example, if a driver has carried out in two weeks more than half of their total amount of scheduled work hours, the planner can see this at a glance in Service Time Manager. The planner can then intervene and assign fewer trips to this driver during the next two weeks. Drivers at the end of the month who might not achieve their scheduled working hours can be given more assignments. In addition, the tool can allow users to plan for scheduled absences, leave or training sessions in advance.

Better Insight, Higher Efficiency

"Service Time Manager provides an intuitive process for scheduling drivers. To date, the information on the driver activities was available only once the drivers’ data is processed in the wages calculation software package—which is too late to intervene. Now, all the relevant data is available in real-time, and it's even possible to make corrections. In addition, a map view showing the place and type of activity indicates which client the driver is serving. With Service Time Manager we give real-time insight on the performance of the driver both in terms of efficiency as well as accuracy," said Michel Van Maercke, general manager, Trimble Transport and Logistics Division, Asia Pacific and EMEA.