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Trimble Solution Enables Transport Operators to Comply with Statutory Minimum Wage Legislation in Germany

On 1 January 2015, Germany introduced a statutory minimum wage (Mindestlohn) of 8.50 euros gross per hour. The new legislation is mandatory for both domestic and foreign employers and has significant consequences for the transport sector. To enable transport and logistics service providers to meet these new requirements, Trimble has introduced a new module for its FleetHours payroll and expense calculations application that allows customers to quickly and easily provide the required legal reports.

Lorry drivers travelling within or to Germany, previously paid according to applicable wage agreements in their home countries, will now be eligible to receive at least 8.50 euros per hour as soon as they cross the German border and load and/or unload goods in the country. For foreign transport companies this involves a requirement to submit reports to the responsible authorities. In addition, lorries travelling through Germany are currently exempt from the legislation.

Integrated Module with Telematics Data

The new FleetHours module uses data from an on-board computer to compile reports on the number of hours worked by each individual driver in Germany on a specific calendar day. The telematics data is transferred directly to the report, but manual corrections can be made at any time, if required. For example, an adjustment can be made in the event of incorrect operation of the on-board computer by the driver.

The new module provides users with a clear overview of drivers who have made unloading or loading stops in Germany. Detailed information, such as a daily breakdown of shifts, working hours and distances shows that data is driver-specific as opposed to vehicle-specific. Individual reports can also be generated. For optimal convenience, the module can deliver the data in the form of a print-out, by email or as a PDF or XLS document.

Minimum Administration Effort

"We are enabling our customers to keep their administration work to a minimum and comply with German wage reporting requirements," said Michel Van Maercke, general manager, Trimble Transport and Logistics Division, Asia Pacific and EMEA.