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Trimble Introduces Truck4U and FleetXPS for the Transport and Logistics Market. A Unique Solution for Real-time Logistics Information and Fleet Management.

Trimble introduced today Truck4U and FleetXPS solutions. Truck4U focuses on real-time fleet management and FleetXPS on the collection and processing of current logistical information. Both solutions can be deployed stand-alone or in combination. In addition, the solutions can be used within one organization or shared with multiple cooperating parties such transport subcontractors or logistic service providers.

"With Truck4U and FleetXPS, we offer a modular and compatible state-of-the-art solutions that transport and logistics service providers can fully tailor to their specific needs in terms of real-time information," said Michel van Maercke, general manager EMEA at Trimble Transport & Logistics.

Trimble will be showcasing the solutions in Belgium at the ITT-event in Ghent on Wednesday 25 June. Find out more about the program here.

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Truck4U for Real-time Fleet Management

Truck4U is a DIN format on-board unit permanently built into the truck, without visual output. It is connected to the digital tachograph and FMS CANbus. Truck4U performs classic fleet management tasks, in which the interaction with the driver is limited to identifying the digital driver card.

FleetXPS for Real-time Logistical Information

FleetXPS is a robust mobile on-board unit, equipped with an integrated, high-quality barcode scanner and camera.  FleetXPS focuses on interaction with the driver when dealing with logistical activities.
"FleetXPS provides current, detailed information on the status and condition of consignments, from loading/transfer to digital proof of delivery. This forms the basis for efficient supply chain management," said Van Maercke.  FleetXPS is also available as an app for Android devices. This application makes it possible for fleet owners to steer subcontractors while working within their own fleet management solution.

Flexible, Modular and Compatible

A unique aspect of Truck4U and FleetXPS is that they not only communicate with the same back-office software from Trimble Transport & Logistics but also share data with each other. This makes it possible to deploy real-time solutions for fleet management and logistical information both singly and in combination.
The modularity and easy installation of Truck4U and FleetXps create new cooperation opportunities. A fleet owner using real-time fleet management can easily cooperate with a logistics service provider needing only logistical data.  Both parties can share the cost and realize the benefits.
"The combination of Truck4U and FleetXPS offers the same reliability and high functionality as our CarCube on-board computer solution, with added capabilities to capture logistical data outside the vehicle via barcode scanning, sign-on-glass or taking pictures in case of damage," said Van Maercke.

End-to-end Support

Trimble offers end-to-end support for Truck4U, FleetXPS and the CarCube. "We not only focus on continuous innovation and in-house development of our solutions, but also on a high-quality customer service," said Van Maercke.

Trimble will be showcasing the solutions in Belgium at the ITT-event in Ghent on Wednesday 25 June. Find out more about the program here.