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Trimble Introduces Next Generation Truck Navigation Solution for its On-board Telematics Computers

Trimble introduced today its next generation truck navigation solution for its on-board computers used in the transport and logistics market. With the next generation solution Trimble continues its commitment to provide customers with innovative tools to increase the efficiency and safety of their operations. The new features include a 3D map view; easy-to-use and flexible computer settings; multiple truck profiles; alternative route proposals; recalculated routes based on real-time traffic information; as well as a wide variety of driver alerts.

Trimble new navigation

The new truck navigation is based on CoPilot® Truck™, an innovative truck-specific navigation solution developed by ALK, a Trimble Company. ALK’s CoPilot navigation technology is widely used in Europe by leading truck manufacturers, among others. The combination of CoPilot Truck’s navigation engine with Trimble's development expertise has resulted in a truck navigation that is visually appealing and user-friendly.

"Providing specific truck attributes as well as the truck speed and generating specific safety warnings is essential when providing relevant information for truck navigation capabilities. For example, the truck navigation solution can avoid bridges that are too low for a specific truck, or it can give a warning to announce a sharp bend in the road. In addition, truck navigation generates an exchange of information with the back-office, providing the dispatchers with a clear overview of where the fleet is and when the trucks will reach their destination," said Michel Van Maercke, general manager, Trimble Transport and Logistics Division, Asia Pacific and EMEA.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

A major enhancement of the new truck navigation is the visual display, which has been adapted to the capacitive touch panel of the on-board computers. In addition, a variety of user-friendly features have been added. For example, the maps can be displayed in 3D and the driver can receive a notification when they approach a speed control camera (if allowed in the specific country). As to the speed limits in the navigation, they have been adapted specifically for trucks wherever this information was available.

"Lane indication is another new feature. It shows the driver on the on-board computer how to change lanes at busy traffic junctions in order to optimally continue their journey. In addition, the truck navigation system stays active when the truck drives through a tunnel. At the exit of the tunnel the driver can count on accurate instructions from the navigation,” adds Van Maercke.

During the development of the new truck navigation solution, Trimble focused on flexibility and ease of use. For many settings on the touch screen, the system allows adjustments according to the needs of the driver. One press on the menu and the display can be changed. In addition, it is now possible to define and store multiple truck profiles (on the basis of the vehicle characteristics and limitations) instead of a single profile. "Instead of manually changing the settings for every new trip, the driver only needs to select the appropriate truck profile to begin his journey, and adapt it if necessary," said Van Maercke.

Alternative Routes

In addition to displaying the optimal route, the truck navigation solution now provides two alternative routes from which the driver can choose. New routes are automatically calculated based on traffic information. "For traffic information, we work with HERE (a Nokia company), which is also our provider for digital maps. On the basis of the real-time traffic data from HERE, our navigation system offers a clear visual representation of the current traffic information on the route. A bar with colour codes shows at a glance where problems arise. By clicking on the bar, the driver gets more detailed information about the problem. The driver can also create settings; they can for example program the navigation solution to receive an alternative and faster route in case of delays of more than fifteen minutes," said Van Maercke.

Trimble’s new truck navigation also provides full integration with Trimble's back-office applications, FleetWorks and FleetCockpit. Dispatchers can send full routes to the truck and communicate with the drivers in order to smoothly control and optimize the operations.

"With the new capabilities of the new navigation solution, we are taking our truck navigation to the next level. The driver will now have access to a flexible and user-friendly tool with many innovative features," said Van Maercke.