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Trimble Hits the Road with Flexible Telematics Platform in Australia

Australian transport companies will now have the flexibility to deploy different types of telematics devices across one platform to help them meet specific logistical needs, following the launch of Trimble’s Truck4U and FleetXPS solutions in Australia.

Truck4U is a fixed on-board unit that provides real-time fleet management, while FleetXPS is a robust mobile on-board unit that connects wirelessly to Truck4U and enables driver interaction for fleet management and logistical activities. Together, Truck4U and FleetXPS provide an open telematics platform that enables transport operators to customise their telematics solution for different transport types such as long haul, short haul, pick-up and delivery, recurring runs or subcontractors.

According to Tom Debeule, Business Development Manager, Trimble Transport & Logistics Australia, the two telematics solutions can significantly benefit to local transport operators by delivering a high level of flexibility. “Transport companies can now deploy different types of telematics devices across their fleet to support the work that needs to be done in the field and they will not only communicate with the same back-office software but also share data with each other. All the information that is captured by the different devices is then stored in the cloud and is available in real-time via Trimble’s Web applications and services,” said Debeule.

Truck4U performs fleet management tasks that do not require any driver interaction including vehicle tracking, panic alerts, accident reconstruction, engine management, automatic trailer ID, vehicle performance and multiple sensor support.

FleetXPS is portable device that can be taken outside of the cab, equipped with an integrated, high-quality barcode scanner and camera. It provides current, detailed information on the status and condition of runs, trips and consignments, from loading/transfer to digital proof of delivery. This forms the basis for efficient supply chain management. Other functionalities of FleetXPS are messaging, hands free telephone, truck navigation with posted road speed warnings, electronic logbook, fatigue management with active warnings, pre and post vehicle checks and real-time driver style scorecards.

"The combination of Truck4U and FleetXPS offers the same reliability and high functionality as our CarCube on-board computer solution, with added capabilities to capture logistical data outside the vehicle via barcode scanning, sign-on-glass or taking pictures in case of damage. Collectively they are one of the most advanced analytic and data capture solutions on the market, allowing trucking companies to make much more informed decisions about how to best use their resources,” said Debeule.

From a driver’s perspective the new technologies are also likely to be very welcome. “Drivers will now be able to use smartphone and tablet devices to perform tasks, cutting down the time required for reporting and paperwork – as well as establishing a closer link with their businesses,” said Debeule.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is also possible by using the FleetXPS app for Android devices. The app allows the android device to connect to the Truck4U via WiFi to enable similar functionality as the FleetXPS device. The FleetXPS app BYOD approach (either connected or not connected to Truck4U) enables functionalities to make it possible for fleet owners to manage subcontractors within the same fleet management solution.

All configuration and management of the different devices is done in the cloud and can be managed by the customer if required. This ensures the transport operator has full flexibility and control to manage its operations accordingly. Trimble offers end-to-end support for Truck4U, FleetXPS and the CarCube.