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Transports Leleu Optimizes its Fleet with Trimble’s CarCube Telematics Solution

Christian Leleu knows the transport business. His company, Transports Leleu, located in northern France, provides full- and part-load transport and a wide variety of logistics and related services throughout France and Europe. The company is a member of the Evolutrans network of nearly 100 French transport companies. Christian Leleu is the president of Transports Leleu and a long-standing member of Evolutrans, over which he presided from 2004 to 2014. Leleu is an enthusiast when it comes to appreciating the performance and ease of use of the CarCube on-board computer telematics solution from Trimble. 

Innovation and Competitiveness

Innovation and competiveness are the watchwords of Transports Leleu. With over 20 years of experience in embedded IT, the company is one of the early pioneers in adopting fleet management solutions. The company installed its first Trimble CarCube on-board computers approximately four years ago. Today, Leleu says, "Our 120 trucks are equipped with Trimble’s high-performance telematics solution. The fleet management and real-time delivery tracking are key components of our customer service, and we get an immediate return on investment."

Transport Leleu employs a computer specialist who analyzes the technical information generated by the on-board computers. The on-board computing solution is fully utilized by the company, which recognizes its performance and easy to use interface, according to Leleu. "In order to optimize our services, our accounting, operations and management departments are fed by several information workflows generated by the Trimble on-board computers."

Valuable Data on Drivers' Profiles

In terms of return on investment, the company president is extremely pleased: "The ROI is immediate! The cost of the CarCube amounts to one or two liters of diesel, or a few minutes of a driver's daily activity! It's a minimal investment with a maximum return.” And regarding fuel consumption, Leleu says “Trimble’s solution allows us to complete our good old ‘full-to-full’ method and to cross these data with the consumption of the vehicles in real time."

Leleu explains: “The on-board solution also provides us with valuable driver-profile data. Each driver can follow their performance in real time on the CarCube display. The display assigns the driver a rating based on their degree of anticipation, braking action, use of the gearbox and etc.” Generally, this is enough to make the driver aware of the points to adjust in order to improve their rating. If not, Leleu adds, “Our IT specialist, who views the same data, sends the driver a short message. This method has the advantage of being effective as well.”

The information generated by the CarCube on-board computers is transmitted directly to the company's transport management software, edited by item, in order to guarantee more fluidity. "The interfaces between these software programs work perfectly,” notes Leleu. “The electronic roadmaps are sent directly to the trucks and, in the opposite direction, the delivery reports are transferred immediately to the back-office."

A Key Selling Point

The on-board computing solution has been one of his main selling points for clients. He states: "When I meet a client, I always stress the safety and reliability of the freight. Because at any moment, my team is able to tell a customer where a vehicle is located and when it will arrive at its destination."

Security, time management and optimization of delivery times are keys to success in the transport business. Trimble's telematics solution has become an essential tool to Transports Leleu. "Our drivers as well as our operators have learned to work with the CarCube and could not do without it any more. In case of failure, the equipment must be replaced quickly because it is essential to monitoring the activity. This year, in addition to the on-board computers, we plan to equip all our vehicles with on-board scanners in order to assure direct availability of the waybills and their real-time integration into our computer system."

About Transports Leleu

Transports Leleu, with offices in Northern France in Cambrai (Nord) and Flixecourt (Somme), carries out regional, national and international transport operations of partial loads and full loads, deliveries from 1 to 6 pallets across Europe within the Volupal group (a subset of Evolutrans), as well as bulk transport and transport of exceptional loads and hazardous materials.

Transports Leleu employs 170 people running 300 vehicles (trucks and trailers) and 35,000 square meters (376,000 square feet) of logistics buildings.