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Thomassen Transport assures improvement in customer service and decrease in fuel consumption with Trimble CarCube

“Summaries of Fuel Consumption and Driving Hours are Now Visible at the Touch of a Button.”

Thomassen Transport in Loenen, the Netherlands, has fitted its entire fleet with the Trimble® CarCube on-board computers and LogicWay software for driver wage calculation .  With more than 100 employees, 90 trucks and 180 trailers, the company specializes in the transport and logistics services for multinationals and smaller companies in the paper, food and construction markets across Western Europe. Thomassen Transport has 20.000 m2 of storage at its disposal for internal logistics of its clients.

The previous on-board computers that were used by Thomassen Transport vehicles five years ago were state-of-the-art at the time. “But it was time to replace them. Not just because of rapid technological developments but also our previous supplier stopped its after-sales support,” said Jerry Heezen, director of Thomassen Transport. That meant a new search for a reputable telematics supplier would begin. After an extensive selection process, the company choose Trimble’s CarCube solution. In addition, Thomassen also uses Trimble’s LogicWay software for calculating drivers' wages. The Trimble solutions are linked to the Plan & Go TMS (Transport Management System) from Centric.

The Selection Process

Trimble's selection as supplier emerged after a thorough, but relatively short  process. Thomassen Transport had both short- and long-term requirements to meet its needs. Heezen explains: “Our planners really needed summaries and reports to focus on daily operations, and we also wanted to select a supplier who showed a long-term commitment to the industry, its product offerings and provide exceptional customer service. We were able to meet both requirements with this implementation.

Chris Boogaard, country manager for Trimble’s Transport & Logistics in the Netherlands, comments: “I think that Trimble and Thomassen Transport just clicked. We were quickly able to meet a number of customer-specific requirements with our CarCube and LogicWay solutions.

‘Overview at the touch of a button’

To focus on cost savings, overviews  of fuel consumption and hours driven are essential. Previously, preparing summaries took hours every month. Now, according to Heezen, it can be done at the touch of a button. “Because it is now so much easier, we will be able to prepare summaries more regularly. This can only benefit our performance. We can now, at the request of our clients, provide reports on a monthly basis. Previously, it would only be a few times a year. We are definitely improving our service as a result.

The director expects that as a result of the use of the driving style analysis module the fuel consumption may fall by a further two to three percent. Even before the implementation of the on-board computers the Thomassen Transport was focusing on reducing fuel consumption. “Thanks to better summaries, I have noticed that our drivers often keep an eye on their own performance as well.”