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Schnellecke Logistics Selects Telematics Solution from Trimble

  • Schnellecke fleet equipped with Trimble FleetXPS and Truck4U
  • Streamlined workflows for fleet managers and payroll accounting 
  • Investment in the company's future

To update its fleet management processes, Wolfsburg-based Schnellecke Logistics GmbH has selected innovative transport and logistics telematics solutions from Trimble. All of the Schnellecke transport division's truck units are being equipped with the Trimble telematics system: fitting each lorry with the FleetXPS mobile on-board computer and the integrated Truck4U on-board unit. The company's aim is to digitalise communication and coordination flows between its drivers and schedulers, as well as generate benefits in terms of reduced administration and greater efficiency.

Until recently, communication between drivers and schedulers in Schnellecke's transport division took place by telephone. As well as being time-consuming, this process was also often error-prone and cumbersome. There was no facility for real-time tracking of consignments through the system. "On their own, telephone  calls to the Zwickau site for coordination issues represented 200 working hours per year," explained Thomas Lammer, Director of Schnellecke Transport AG & Co KG.

"In addition, there were regular complaints from drivers and schedulers about difficulties contacting each other."

Simple and Intuitive Operation

The company decided to purchase a modern transport management solution to resolve these issues. The initial investment decision triggered the start of a selection process, including visits to trade fairs and numerous discussions with different suppliers.

"In the end, we opted for the Trimble Truck4U and FleetXPS systems, on the basis of their easy and intuitive operation and the wide variety of options," said Lammer.

The distinguishing features of this combined solution meet both fleet management and scheduling requirements. For example, the fleet management interface gives both departments real-time visibility into all of the information and data on individual consignments. This allows target and actual comparisons to be made at any time, flagging problems at an early stage. Any required schedule changes can be implemented in near real time. Other important benefits for schedulers are the scanning feature and the option of documenting damages, including photos and a signature, using FleetXPS.

Investing in a Digital Future

Following a ten-week test phase involving five truck units, Schnellecke was convinced that it had found the right solution. Since June, the entire Schnellecke transport division fleet has been equipped with the mobile on-board computer and Truck4U unit. As well as promising leaner working processes and happier employees, the Wolfsburg-based transport operator is also expecting digitalisation of order administration and processing to bring tangible cost benefits.

Project Already in Implementation

The first phase of the project, involving equipping all truck units and training employees, is already complete. The second phase will now focus on digital order transmission, including a link to the logistics software and automatic calculation of expenses, with the aim of streamlining processes in the fleet management and payroll accounting areas.