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RB Intermodal Manages Large Amounts of Data and Improves Operations with the Trimble’s Telematics Solution

RB Intermodal, a company located in Gerona, Spain that specialises in logistics solutions for the international chemical product transport market, has equipped its truck fleet with Trimble’s  CarCube telematic solution.

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The CarCube on-board computers provide much more than precise geolocation of the RB Intermodal fleet in Spain.

“It has been our intention to provide the Spanish fleet with all the functionalities available in the system, which enables us to manage a large amount of data,” explains Raoul Bogerd, general manager of RB Intermodal for Southern Europe.

“We opted for CarCube across the board,” said Bogerd. “We have remote tachograph downloads, driving analysis via the Performance Portal, onboard scanners to send documents, satellite navigation and even mobile apps for independent haulers and subcontracted firms.”

Before choosing the CarCube solution, RB Intermodal devoted a great deal of time evaluating the various options on the market.

“We spent nearly two years evaluating products from the best-known suppliers and we short-listed the three main ones; in the end, we selected the Trimble solution,” said Bogerd.

Bogerd highlighted several features of the CarCube solution:

“The CarCube is a highly capable system and preforms to its specifications. It’s a complete system. “We don’t need one company for communication, another for management. Now, we have it all with Trimble.”

RB Intermodal also highlighted a feature of the Trimble telematics solution to which it attaches a great deal of importance:

“With the Performance Portal Web application, we are able to analyse driver behaviour, which enables us to look after the vehicle engines as well as the environment—details of environmentally-friendly driving are very important to us.”

Country Manager Iberia for Trimble Transport & Logistics, Juan Pablo Yanguas, said:

“It is very important for us to provide close collaboration and support to companies so that the CarCube can seamlessly link to their existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.”

“I am highly satisfied with Trimble, because there is great customer service: the people carrying out system implementation have helped us a great deal and they have proved highly competent,” said Bogerd.

About RB Intermodal

Established in 2009, RB Intermodal specialises in flexible and sustainable logistics solutions throughout the supply chain to the chemical and mining industry on a global scale. It does so by offering complete and socially responsible projects for distribution by road, intermodal transport or container and silo storage and management for the chemical sector. RB Intermodal relies on road haulage companies Benangels in Spain and ROMS Transport in the Netherlands and is expanding rapidly in the U.S., UAE and Asia.