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Peter Appel’s Fleet to be Equipped with the Latest Trimble On-board Computer

Peter Appel Transport will be equipping its entire fleet of 580 trucks with the latest version of the Trimble® CarCube. With the on-board computers, remote tachograph download is now available to the food distribution specialist. A major reason for the investment was the acquisition of industry-sector partner G. Vlug & Zn earlier this year. As a result, the Peter Appel Transport fleet has added 180 trucks to its fleet, which were not equipped with the CarCube computers.

Peter Appel Transport has been using Trimble’s on-board computers for over eight years to monitor trucks, record mission data, enable drivers to navigate more efficiently and manage fleet operations.

"At a certain point, our company worked with several on-board computer systems. In addition, we wanted to take advantage of the latest fleet management technology from Trimble by replacing our existing CarCube computers since they were in use for eight years. With the installation of the latest CarCube in all the trucks, the entire fleet will be again identically equipped and fully up-to-date," says director Peter Appel.

Within a year all the older on-board computers will be replaced. Peter Appel is confident with its ongoing cooperation with Trimble. "Peter Appel Transport was one of the first users of the CarCube in the Netherlands. We have known the people at Trimble for many years now, and are confident in their commitment to innovation and customer service,” said Appel.

Tachograph Data Download

The latest version of the CarCube includes faster processors and offers increased functionality such as truck navigation and remote tachograph data download. To Peter Appel Transport, the remote tachograph download function is very important. Since the trucks are spread over 22 sites throughout the Netherlands, this function generates substantial time savings and more efficiency in the four branches of the company.

Peter Appel Transport is a leading transport provider for major retailers and food service companies. For those companies, timeliness and transparency of costs are key values and on-board computers can play an important role. "The CarCube on-board computers are a strategic part of our overall ICT system and can help us to better serve our customers," says Appel.

About Peter Appel Transport

Peter Appel Transport delivers high quality and innovative transportation services throughout the Netherlands. The transportation company is a specialist in temperature controlled transport with a focus on the retail and food service markets. Peter Appel Transport’s key values include a transparent way of working, keeping appointments and a genuine commitment to customers. In addition, the company is known for its innovation and development in the transport sector.