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Mousset Adopts Trimble’s Telematics Solution

After 10 years of using a legacy telematics solution, the Mousset Group will be adopting a new solution from Trimble to equip its entire fleet in 2016. All of Mousset’s Vendée-based vehicles will be equipped with 672 CarCube on-board computers and about 30 FleetXPS mobile terminals adapted to the collection and processing of logistic information. The Mousset Group is a leading transport services provider in Western France.

Three criteria were considered when selecting Trimble for the project:  real-time information exchange, reliability and project control.

Mohamed Aït El Kabir, IT manager of the Mousset Group, explains his choice:

"We were looking for a reliable and robust solution that allows us to connect our different operational systems such as our Transport Management System (TMS), planning tool and wages calculation platform. That's why we decided to launch a global project to overhaul our IT-system, with a telematics solution as a central focus in our master plan. In 2015, a call for tenders was conducted and Trimble was chosen."

For sending job orders to the vehicles, Trimble was the only application on the market that uses Linux, one of the best adapted operating system for real-time information exchange. This communication took us well over a minute with our legacy system."

The second reason was the reliability of the system. Trimble solutions are robust. To learn more, we turned to some industry colleagues who already use Trimble CarCube computers, which allowed us to assess the robustness of the system as well as its reliability."

And finally, the proposed roll-out plan, in combination with Trimble’s extensive experience in implementing large systems, also emerged as a decisive factor in our choice.

Capturing Field Information

As to the new FleetXPS mobile terminals, which also run on Linux and have a powerful processor for capturing information, Aït El Kabir said: “We will use them for our milk collection activity, which requires the collection of important data to enable traceability and to meet the specifications of our clients. The information must be transmitted internally and to the clients as soon as possible.

About Transports Mousset

The Mousset Group provides transport services and operates in fields as diverse as live poultry transport, refrigerated transport, distribution, milk transport and collection, transport of new furniture, waste collection, and also in logistics and warehousing. It is one of the major fleets in Western France based in Sainte-Florence, Vendée.


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