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Melis Transport First in Benelux to Use Trimble’s Mobile On-board Computer. Features Enable Photos and Scans with Trimble's FleetXPS.

Melis International Transport is the first company in the Benelux to implement the Trimble® FleetXPS and Truck4U for their transport and logistics operations. The transport company has already been using Trimble’s CarCube on-board computer. With the combined systems, the logistics service supplier from Arnhem now has a complete mobile transportation and logistics system. In addition to the standard fleet management tasks, the system can also be used for proof-of-delivery.

Melis provides distribution in the Netherlands for customers such as Atag (kitchen equipment) and Rensa (heating and ventilation systems). For these services, the company has purchased five new box trucks that are equipped with Truck4U and FleetXPS. Truck4U is the built-in "black box" for fleet management tasks that include track and trace, driving style analysis as well as engine diagnostics and tachograph data. FleetXPS is a mobile on-board computer that supports drivers in all their logistics activities such as truck navigation, time sheets and proof-of-delivery. "FleetXPS extends the range of options provided by the Trimble CarCube on-board computer installed in all our other trucks. It makes it possible, for instance, to scan or take photographs while unloading," says owner and director Marwin Melis.

Documenting Delivery

The additional features are particularly useful during night deliveries. In this case, Melis' drivers make their deliveries at times when the receiving party may not present. This sometimes brings about challenges, especially if the receiving party records products are damaged the next morning. "It often occurs that other shipments arrive after ours and it happens that our boxes are pierced by the fork lift trucks putting down pallets against ours. By photographing the shipments and emailing them directly to the customer, we avoid liability discussions in the case of damage. This feature also allows us to spend less time calling in emergency situations," explains Vincent Koers, transport coordinator at Melis International Transport. Scanning the barcodes at delivery or asking a digital signature from the receiving party are also possible now. "With Rensa, we will soon start a pilot project in order to test this entire range of services," says Melis.

Managing Driver Performance and Payroll

At Melis International Transport, selecting Trimble had everything to do with their satisfaction with the CarCube. Melis was one of the first Dutch companies to equip its vehicles with the on-board computer. "We use the CarCube for fleet management as well as analyzing driving styles. Each driver receives a monthly figure based on consumption, speed and other relevant data from the CarCube. Each year, a driver of the year is chosen who receives a holiday check of one thousand euros," says Melis. In addition, Melis has also implemented Trimble’s FleetHours software for managing payroll. The hours and activities registered via the CarCube, along with the software, allow back-office administration to easily process payroll and other reports for automatic hours and expense calculations. "This mobile on-board computer allows us to capture more information and to continue improving our customer service. With such innovations, we try to be always one step ahead of our competitors," says Melis.

About Melis International Transport

Melis International Transport was founded in 1918 and has become in nearly hundred years a complete logistics service provider. The company specializes in national distribution, but is also active outside the country's borders. The fleet consists of fifty vehicles including trucks fitted with truck-mounted forklifts and mobile cranes. Melis International Transport is a family business, as evidenced by the open and involved relationship both with customers and with the professional and motivated staff. Clarity and quality are key qualities: Melis International Transport keeps its appointments and is committed to error-free deliveries.

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