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LINK Optimizes its Fleet Performance with Trimble’s Telematics Solution

LINK has been providing top-quality services for haulage and forwarding businesses for 26 years and the majority of its clients are international corporations. The company’s locations in Gliwice, Lodz, Wroclaw, Poznan as well as in Belgium are strategic locations for both international and national transport.

The cooperation between LINK and Trimble began in 2009 and continues today.

"Running a company without suitable IT management support tools is hard to imagine. The ever-growing market demands and competition require solutions that allow fleet operations to be effectively planned, reported and controlled. Advanced integration of Transportation Management System (TMS) and Trimble's cutting-edge telematics solution makes it possible to achieve a synergy that reflects the company’s management methods and provides a positive effect on the quality of the offered services," said Pawel Moder, Director and Member of the Board at LINK sp. z o.o.

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Modern Fleet and Software – A Path for Optimization

LINK is committed to a modernized fleet and advanced IT software. On average, vehicles tend to be approximately 18 months old and are typically replaced every three years at the maximum. As a result, LINK provides its clients with extremely reliable resources, which can reduce unexpected mechanical stops and increase the safety and quality of the transported cargo. In addition, the combination of LINK’s innovative IT systems and handling procedures can improve the completion process for each job. 

This strategy allows us to systematically improve our performance level and optimize operational processes," said Moder. 

Better Performance with an Open Architecture of the Telematics Solution

Looking back to the initial cooperation with Trimble, the company’s ability to adapt a telematics solution to LINK's operational activities was important criteria during the selection stage. In addition, the ability to make configuration changes to the telematics solution was also key during the decision making process—the CarCube solution is modular with a scalable, open architecture. This flexibility allows for the solution to evolve as LINK’s business requirements change over time.

"Thanks to its flexibility, Trimble’s telematics solution can evolve along with market and company needs. What's important here is that it may also be integrated with new applications used across the company. CarCube is clearly ahead of the competition thanks to innovative functions, system openness and post-sale service," said Dariusz Szelerski, IT Department Manager at LINK sp. z o.o.

In addition, LINK has implemented a variety of options such as document scanning directly from a trailer cab as well as FleetCockpit or Remote Tacho Download (RTD) that is designed to collect the driver card or tachograph data directly from a cab. The FleetCockpit’s advanced software allows LINK to maintain effective planning and monitoring. In addition, CarCube has been integrated with InterLAN’s SPEED BackOffice as an option to generate a variety of reports designed to facilitate control and management functions as well as instant response in case of irregularities.

Tractor-Trailer Identification

Currently, 300 trailers are equipped with a CarCube on-board computer and the devices will be installed in new vehicles. With the tractor-trailer identification and verification application, drivers and back office personnel know exactly which trailer should be coupled with the tractor. If a certain trailer was specified in the job instructions, the CarCube will check whether the right trailer is being used and any mistakes can be corrected before the vehicle leaves the yard.

"Trimble solutions allow our company's entire haulage park, i.e. approx. 300 road tractors and 500 mega trailers, to be planned and managed in a more efficient way," continued Szelerski.

After-sale Services – The Premium Pack

While providing top-level services to its customers, LINK must rely also on reputable partners to provide top-quality service.

Trimble is that kind of partner. The warranty service that Trimble provides is top quality. We also appreciate Trimble’s collaboration and quick response to our growing needs," said Dariusz Szelerski, IT Department Manager at LINK.

"We provide LINK with a dedicated after-sale service, named Premium Pack, designed to provide mobile and assembly services at each location across Poland on a 24-hour basis," said Krzysztof Puslowski from Trimble Transport & Logistics.