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Investments in truck computers pay off in savings and efficiency

Despite an economic headwind, Dutch transporters continue to make strong investments in information and communication technology for trucks, such as on-board computers. This equipment can help improve operational efficiency as well as customer service. A number of transporters have recently chosen to acquire or update Trimble’s CarCube, including Van den Broek Logistics, Van Houte Openeer, Alphatrans, Verwaal Transport, Westdijk Transport, Wesseling Transport, D.J. Middelkoop, Rensink Almelo, Otten Hoogeveen, Heitink Transport, Van Driegroep (Navobi) Ermelo and Koos van Gaalen (Poeldijk).

Stable connection with TMS

Trimble customers choose CarCube remarkably often for the good, stable connection that is possible with different Transport Management Systems (TMS). Their operational efficiency is increased considerably with the data integrity and the possibility of linking to an extensive range of TMS packages to gain access to business critical information. A reliable connection between a TMS and an on-board computer is important for this.

A report presented by ING Sectormanagement Transport & Logistiek in March 2013, reinforces this idea. The report states that: ‘Good management information can improve internal processes for companies. Not only is the quantity of data becoming increasing, so is the complexity. There is no shortage of examples: vehicle information (CANbus), customer information, cargo information, product information, traffic information, and data from the digital tachograph and on-board computer. Information is becoming available in greater detail, in part through the development of dashboard information, which offers possibilities for improving the process.’

Savings and higher service level

One of the new CarCube users is Koos van Gaalen in Poeldijk. This company decided to invest in on-board computers from Trimble because they realised that considerable savings and efficiency improvements would be possible with the CarCube. Better communication with drivers and a higher service level for clients were central points in their decision to use the on-board computer.

The CarCube in action

On Thursday 27 June, Trimble Transport & Logistics organised the fifth edition of the ITT-event in Expo Houten. Together with 14 integration partners, Trimble demonstrated its latest innovations. More information at: