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Group-GTS Standardizes on Transport and Logistics Solution from Trimble

Group-GTS, a provider for container transport, tautliner transport and warehouse services in the EU with focus on Benelux, Germany and France, has now equipped its entire fleet with CarCube on-board computers from Trimble. The GTS trucks have been equipped with the CarCube computers for quite some time already, and after the integration of TDS – which now becomes Group-GTS together with GTS – the company chose Trimble's board computer to become the standard telematics solution for the combined group. According to the management, the ability to fully leverage the synergies and economies of scale would be beneficial. Two months after the installation of the CarCube on-board computers in the 76 TDS vehicles, the first results were successful. In addition, Group-GTS also invested in the Driver Performance Portal from Trimble, for even more efficiency.

"We have made significant progress by increasing our efficiency and optimizing our operations. The integration of the CarCube on-board computers with our Transport Management System (TMS) allows us to bill two weeks faster than before. Additionally, the on-board computers have enabled drivers to minimize their communications with logistics planners for smoother operations. Both drivers and planners receive less mobile calls and can better focus on their core tasks," said Mario Swinnen, Office & Warehouse Manager at Group-GTS.

Scale and Uniformity

The collaboration between GTS and TDS was a logical step for both companies to focus on their future growth. GTS specializes in container transport, while TDS focuses on tautliner transport and warehousing. "Today, Group-GTS can offer stronger, total solutions tailored to the customer. The close collaboration gives us additional strength and allows us to accelerate our growth," said Swinnen.

When Group-GTS made the decision to equip the TDS vehicles with on-board computers, they turned again to Trimble. "GTS has experience with the CarCube on-board computers and was very satisfied with its relationship with Trimble. It was a logical step for us to choose the CarCube on-board computers to equip the rest of the fleet. We did consider a number of other solutions but that comparison confirmed our belief that the CarCube was the best choice", said Swinnen.

Rich Functionality

With the CarCube on-board computers, Group-GTS has at its disposal: real-time track and trace, truck navigation, messaging, Fleet Management System (FMS) data, driving style analysis and visualization, remote tacho download and document scanning. Swinnen said: "Considering the very limited track and trace capabilities which TDS had at its disposal, this is a great enhancement. Waybills are now immediately available as soon as the driver has unloaded, and they are automatically linked to a specific job. This is a very big efficiency gain. The follow-up of our activities has become a lot faster and easier today."

Implementing the CarCube on-board computers went smoothly. "After a few days, our drivers had fully mastered the technology. They also reap the benefits. The mobile phone traffic between drivers and planners has dropped sharply, allowing both to perform their work in calmer conditions. This should not be underestimated. Many of them are also pleased that they have state-of-the-art technology on board, including a document scanner," said Swinnen.

Focus on Conscious Driving Behavior

Finally, using Trimble's Driver Performance Portal has received positive feedback. The Web-based analysis tool monitors the driving behavior in several areas. The analysis allows drivers to adjust their driving behavior in a very focused way, with a view to cost savings. "In the first phase we wanted to focus on idling. We plan to implement other elements such as braking, acceleration, deployment time, the use of cruise control, etc. We want to avoid an excessive increase of the pressure on our drivers, but we nevertheless want to emphasize that we are very concerned with driving behavior. The driving behavior has a most considerable impact on fuel consumption and should not escape our attention. Every month our drivers get their scores so that they can follow their development. The five best performing drivers can expect a reward," Swinnen explains.

"With the Trimble solutions, we can accelerate growth and enhance our professional services. Two key areas that can lead to success in the current competitive landscape," concludes Mario Swinnen.