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Fuel Supplier Dalhuisen Increases Efficiency and Sustainability with Integrated Trimble Telematics Solution

The desire to improve the efficiency of its transport activities prompted Dalhuisen Transport to implement the Trimble® CarCube onboard computers as well as TrimFuel. Dalhuisen sells and distributes fuels and lubricants. It is the first company in the Netherlands where the exact fuel meter data are communicated to the back-office in real-time through the CarCube on-board computers. "The current delivered litres are automatically displayed in our planning program. This allows us to continue improving our accuracy, smart planning and service to our customers," says Jochanan Vreekamp, purchasing and logistics manager.

Precursor - Taking the Customer as a Starting Point

Dalhuisen goal is to be a leading company in the fuel industry and to deliver highly accurate information to its customers. The investment in the CarCube on-board computers, including the interfaces for Trimble’s FleetHours remuneration package and the LogicVision planning package, helps to achieve this goal. This modernization drive took a lot of energy, but Vreekamp is very pleased with the progress: "We are less dependent on printed proof. It is a good move towards our ultimate goal to become a paperless organization. "The desire to increase its sustainability parallels Dalhuisen's Lean & Green program. Within this project, the company expects to reduce its CO2 emissions by at least 20 percent. This goal has already been reached.

First Project in its Kind

During the implementation process, project managers at Trimble and Dalhuisen worked in close consultation. The possibilities were very limited to compare with automation processes in other companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. What followed was a pilot project in which the challenges and processes were mapped out very precisely.

Integrating CarCube, FleetHours, LogicVision and TrimFuel

The integration between the CarCubes, FleetHours and LogicVision has led to valuable and error-free data exchanges in real-time between the tank trucks and the back-office system. TrimFuel provides the real-time integration between the pump counter system and the back-office system. This allows the planners at Dalhuisen to immediately spot tank trucks with remaining litres. This information allowed Dalhuisan to decide whether or not they could potentially supply certain customers earlier than scheduled.

Another advantage of the new system is that drivers were not entering incorrect  fuel data anymore and that there can no longer be confusion when unloading different types of fuels or lubricants. "The different types of liquid that we provide are identified by the meters. The number of errors is decreasing ever more, we save time and all information is immediately available for billing," says Vreekamp. In addition to the digital read out of the litres, Dalhuisen has also supplied its customers with telemetry, in order to give them total peace of mind regarding delivery and stock issues.

"It was not simple to automate all these steps," says Vreekamp. "We work with different types of vehicles and meters. In order to make these communicate seamlessly with each other, Trimble had to modify some aspects in its own system. They succeeded, allowing us to save a huge amount of administrative work and to work without errors."

Fuel Savings

Since Dalhuisen's main goal was to become more efficient and sustainable, the fuel saving aspect was secondary until now. However, according to Vreekamp, the company has already achieved a reduction of approximately 8 percent on fuel consumption. That is the result of using the CarCube driving style assistant, TRAXX diesel and a number of other measures, including the coaching of drivers.

About Dalhuisen

Dalhuisen is a professional sales organization that sells and delivers high-quality fuels and lubricants, from the brands BP, Castrol and TRAXX. Dalhuisen is unique by its range of efficiency-enhancing concepts.
Dalhuisen also has cleaning and tank centers in the centre and the east of the Netherlands and gives its customers the possibility to use fuel cards to fill up, regionally, nationally and internationally.

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