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D. J. Middelkoop Nieuw-Vennep opts for Trimble’s CarCube and makes fast link with TMS.

Logistics service provider aims to curb fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

D. J. Middelkoop Nieuw-Vennep decided to purchase the Trimble Transport & Logistics CarCube after a short pilot phase. Close on fifty on-board computers have now been installed and integrated with the company's TMS (Transport Management System). Arjan de Boer, IT and Operations Manager, says: "We were looking for a reliable solution. Now we've gone live, we have seamless data exchange in Nieuw-Vennep between the Centric TMS and the CarCube".

Reliability and functionality were the key features in the search for a new telematics solution. The logistics services provider launched its supplier selection process at the end of 2012, and soon got under way. It ultimately chose Trimble.  "In addition to the functions, we wanted to give preference to the telematics provider with the best-proven product," says De Boer.

Transparency of various transport activities

Centric's TMS and the CarCube are now extensively integrated. The interface was developed by the logistics service provider itself; the work took only a few weeks. Thanks to the linkage, D. J. Middelkoop Nieuw-Vennep can not only view arrival times at a customer, for example, but can also determine the time when an activity starts. The same applies to its completion and the departure time. "We use geofencing for this. It gives us even more accurate insight into loading, unloading and waiting times," says De Boer.

Parameter shift towards economies

Because more data about the vehicle, driver and load is available, D. J. Middelkoop Nieuw-Vennep will be able to pull the parameter levers more in the coming weeks and months. "If a product has a lot of capabilities, like the CarCube, you have to use them. The on-board computers give us more information about the drivers' driving style. The real-time insight into driving style will help to push down fuel consumption and maintenance costs. We will analyse any differences per driver group and per week. This year, we want to gain the lean & green award and then convert it ASAP into a Lean & Green Star, which would mean achieving CO2 savings of 20 percent," says De Boer.

Track & trace and the panic button

Safety and security are of a high standard at the logistics services provider. In addition to a TAPA A certificate, it has several vehicles equipped with a special track and trace solution. In addition, a panic button is built into those that transport valuable loads. "If a driver pushes that button, a message goes to planning. A signal also goes to some external security organisations". The CarCube passes on the panic button's signal  in such cases.