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Cooperation Trimble and Geotracer displays all data of driver, lorry and trailer in one view

Trimble Transport & Logistics and Geotracer have formed a partnership. This partnership does not only allow Trimble’s office staff to view driver and vehicle data but also provides back-office staff with information about the trailer and the load. If an incident occurs, the dispatcher will automatically be alerted. From now on, customers will receive their information from one source instead of two.

Trimble is working hard on organising a multi-device platform. This involves close cooperation with partners that offer added value to the Trimble solutions. The CarCube data and the FleetCockpit tool provide dispatchers with a clear view of everything relating to driver and vehicle. And, ultimately, of the efficiency of the logistical operation. Transporters, logistic service providers and shippers have a growing need for a clear view of their trailers and load. That’s why Trimble formed a partnership with Geotracer. For many years, this Flemish company has supplied extensive and advanced track-and-trace solutions for the transport sector.

Data synchronised in FleetCockpit

This cooperation offers countless benefits for companies that work with the CarCube. The data from the trailer tracking and tracing devices is sent to servers of Geotracer via GSM/GPS antennae. These, in their turn, send the data to Trimble’s servers, synchronising the data the dispatchers see in FleetCockpit. Bart Van Waeyenberge, Managing Partner of Geotracer: “This combined view of driver, lorry and trailer is ideal. But there are other benefits too. If during a trip a trailer is pulled by three different lorries, perhaps only two are equipped with a CarCube. Because the tracking and tracing devices send the trailer data to the FleetCockpit anyhow, the trailer can also be monitored if a vehicle is pulled by a lorry without CarCube.” Van Mieghem is a company that recently introduced the combined solution of Trimble and Geotracer.

Alerts to dispatcher in case of unplanned activities

Apart from a better view and improved control of the entire fleet, the Geotracer devices also allow better organisation of the maintenance of the trailers. The temperature of the load can also be constantly monitored and planners will receive a message if something happens that has not been planned. If the trailer is parked somewhere, this does not mean that monitoring is impossible. Dispatchers can indicate for which period they regularly wish to receive data about the trailer. 

Stationary and moving vehicles and temperature

Technically, there is a five-minute standard tracking interval. The Geotracer devices register when a vehicle is stationary or moving. They also keep track of the temperature and will emit a signal when one of the doors of the trailer opens. The data can also be viewed by the transporter’s customers via a web service.

About GeoTracer

GeoTracer has a dynamic team with many years experience in trailer & equipment tracking, safety and anti-theft.
By combining forces and working with the right partners that are active in various sectors, they always offer the best solution to any problem. Their headquarters are in Belgium. Sales and service are supported by partners across Europe.