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“We were looking for a system that was not only sophisticated and reliable, but also open and flexible,” said Thomas Bräuer, Freight Forwarding manager at Kohl Logistic GmbH & Co. KG.

The Trimble Trailer4U is an ideal alternative to complex telematics solutions offered by trailer manufacturers and independent suppliers. These modems are connected to the trailer’s CANbus, which provides a wealth of data about the condition of the trailer enabling maintenance planning, but for many fleet managers, this level of information simply isn’t required.

Telematics solutions from Trimble will equip part of XPO Logistics’ European fleet, following a successful pilot program in a hundred vehicles from XPO Logistics’ bulk business fleet in 2016. This pilot program allowed Trimble to demonstrate its ability to deliver high-quality solutions that are innovative, versatile and reliable as well as provide efficient service on a European scale.
With the implementation of Trimble on-board computers, logistics service provider Amerongen Kamphuis is leveraging innovative telematics technology to further improve its customer service. The refrigerated transport specialist selected Trimble’s Truck4U and FleetXPS solutions, a combination of fixed and mobile on-board computers. "Thanks to the on-board computers, our customers are notified about delivery status faster and more accurately," said Jan Kamphuis, general director of Amerongen Kamphuis. "The high-quality data from the on-board computers was one of the primary reasons we chose Trimble for our transport and logistics solution."
Heinloth Holding GmbH & Co. KG has equipped its entire fleet with new telematics solutions from Trimble. The logistics company is expected to benefit from significant cost and time savings with the permanently installed Truck4U unit, the mobile FleetXPS on-board unit and additional software applications. The dispatching team and the drivers are seamlessly and transparently integrated, allowing information to be exchanged automatically. Heinloth can add more software modules for downstream processes in order to keep pace with future digitisation in the logistics industry. This flexible solution also makes it quick and easy to integrate subcontractors’ vehicles into the telematics system.
Piomar has been providing high-quality transport, shipping and logistics (TSL) services since 1989. Since its beginning, the company has been committed to sustaining its strong market position. In fleet management, Piomar has focused on solutions conducive to growth, giving the company a competitive advantage in the Polish and EU markets—markets that remain highly sensitive to a variety of legal and fiscal changes for the transport industry.
RB Intermodal, a company located in Gerona, Spain that specialises in logistics solutions for the international chemical product transport market, has equipped its truck fleet with Trimble’s CarCube telematic solution.
Running a logistics company without telematics has become virtually unthinkable. However, as Thomas Bräuer, fleet manager at Martin Berghegger GmbH & Co. KG knows, “There’s telematics and there’s telematics.”
Transports Sotrami has deployed Trimble’s telematics software solutions and next generation CarCube on-board computer that operates faster, enhances navigation capabilities and automates the management of driving hours to improve operations.
Telematics supplier Trimble has gained a new customer in Spedition Hubert Winnen GmbH & Co. KG. By the end of the year Trimble will implement he latest version of its CarCube telematics solution for the glass transporter's entire fleet. Now, the transport company from Gladbeck, Germany will improve communication between the dispatching team and the drivers, fleet management and vehicle utilization. Payroll and expense accounting will also be largely digitised.